I'm having a lot of conversations with successful founders lately, and I'm learning some fascinating things about them:

  • Many businesses are creating massive success . . . and yet there's still a TON of opportunity left on the table unexplored that could take them to a whole new level of growth.

  • These founders and their teams sense that there's POTENTIAL for them to be doing things differently to tap into some of that opportunity . . . but, they don't know what they don't know and are too close to their own business to see all the hidden potential that could create that explosive growth if even a fraction of it is tapped into strategically.

  • And because of all this untapped opportunity, some of them even admit that they feel like they've grown to the level they're at currently, "in spite of themselves".

(Maybe this sounds familiar to you?)

This is where I come in:


I’m Amy Birks,

Strategic Growth Advisor and Opportunity Hacker for impact-driven founders.

Over a decade of experience in corporate finance, developing strategies and managing projects, and six years creating digital marketing and growth strategies for online businesses have turned me into the purposeful CEO’s secret weapon for growth and results.

—> I'm a heat-seeking missile for opportunity. I see it EVERYWHERE. Especially inside businesses that are looking to grow.

—> And I can identify quick-win, high impact opportunities for better conversions and more revenue, usually within ONE meeting.

And MAN the opportunities I help my clients find are such easy wins!

To amp up conversions quickly we're finding high impact opportunities like:

  • Inserting a little more intentional engagement into audience interactions

  • Adding some higher touch elements to a lead gen and sales process

  • Creating some strategic intention around a content plan that leads organically to an offer

  • Noticing where offers simply aren't being made but could be and making them!

Spoiler Alert: It's in the small tweaks that the biggest, fastest gains can be made.

We think we need to pour tons of money into more leads, more traffic, expensive ad campaigns, giant marketing machines, etc.

But if you can get someone with an eye for potential (who's also not totally enmeshed in the business like you are) to point out the hidden opportunities that exist for you, things can change quickly, and often without having to add more lead gen expense into the mix.

So, what opportunities are you missing?

(The right answer is probably somewhere close to "I don't know, but I'm sure there's something . . .")

I would LOVE to help you figure that out.

I am certain that in one phone call I can find at least three opportunities available right now that would jumpstart some fast growth for your business.

Drop me a line below and we’ll schedule a call ASAP.

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