What makes people say “yes”?

Humans are mysterious creatures.

And trying to market to them can be confusing - and costly when you get it wrong.

Knowing what to say and how to say it in order to get people to convert . . . ?

There’s an art and science to it, but if words aren’t your wheelhouse you’re definitely leaving money on the table.

Understanding how to maximize an opportunity to sell to a warm audience with the right strategy . . . ?

It’s hard enough to generate and nurture those leads to begin with - you definitely don’t want to get the conversion part wrong.

Figuring out where to focus when you’ve got a million opportunities in front of you . . . ?

Trying to get that one most important project to fly when you’ve got dozens of other potentials vying for your attention feels impossible.

When your words connect, your marketing is simple, and your business is focused, results are inevitable.

Marketing doesn’t have to be mystifying.

And the formula for increased conversions doesn’t have to be complex either.

People say “yes” when they feel known. Understood. Cared for.

That’s the job your marketing should be doing.

So, how effective is your marketing right now?

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