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If you're anything like most of the entrepreneurs we know, you've probably got a content to-do list a mile long that includes at least one of the following items on it:

  • Write (or REwrite) my About page, Work With Me page, Home page so people REALLY get what I do...
  • Rework my launch sequence copy so people actually start buying what I'm offering...
  • Fix up that sales page so it starts converting...
  • FINALLY start (or get consistent) writing my blog...

Don't let the overwhelm of crafting compelling copy be the thing that stands between you and big growth in your business.

We've launched our copy support offerings to provide a hand-off opportunity, to remove that overwhelm associated with creating those oh-so-important components, so you can focus on what you do best.

You've tried it on your own, or maybe you've hired other copywriters in the past with different levels of success or satisfaction.

Working with us is different.

Tom Birks, Your Copy Guy, loves being the translator between you and your ideal clients. He takes your amazing vision, ideas, services, and stories and renders them into a language that speaks directly to your ideal clients in a clear, compelling way. He is a master at understanding both your voice, and your clients' needs, so that your messaging makes sense and, more importantly, helps you convert.

Amy Birks, The Strategy Ninja, has the most fun when she's let loose on someone else's big vision of what's possible. Her crazy brain sees things in maps, so the moment she's clear on where it is you want to go, the path to get there immediately crystalizes in her head so she can see the most strategic, effective, and fastest way to get there.

With our team you get a seasoned, published writer and a masterful business strategist working together, committed to creating a result that accurately and irresistibly represents you, your mission, what you do, and what your people need. 

Let us handle the heavy lifting and craft effective copy for you that sparkles, shines, and best of all, converts.

There are a few different ways you can work with us to get your copy train a-movin'... 

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