Raise your hand if this sounds remotely familiar . . .

I bought that expert's formula so I could create a real funnel with a 65-email nurture sequence in it - but I hate writing emails

They say you’ve got to be on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to be successful - but I’d rather walk on hot coals than have to learn how to leverage another social media platform

Everyone keeps telling me I need to run Facebook ads to webinars - but being on video makes me want to  vomit and operating FB’s Power Editor is more complicated than NASA’s countdown checklist

Yep, I get it.

Formulas, blueprints, “shoulds”, and advice from well-meaning experts and friends are the stuff your hustle is made of.

We try to fit ourselves into everyone else’s definition of success, and follow someone else’s method to get results and then we wonder why it’s hard!

It was made FOR someone else, BY someone else, with THEIR business, values, likes and dislikes in mind. NOT yours.

YOU are your best strategy.

And if you want to get real results, and experience exponential growth in your business, you’ve got to find YOUR way to do it.

What would it be like to actually achieve that crazy, ridiculous, outrageous goal we both know you have? You know, the one you just barely let yourself think about because it seems so ludicrous to even consider it?

What could you do if that next phase of growth and results you’re after came together seamlessly, easily, and was not only FUN to bring about, but allowed you to work LESS than you are right now?

Can you imagine actually LOVING your marketing efforts? (Like REALLY loving them!)

How awesome would it be to get the results you really want AND have time to spend with the people you love doing things that you really enjoy?

And don't even get me started on what it might be like for you to actually achieve your epic mission and make a lasting impact on the world... 

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting perched above the Pacific Ocean. The weather is perfect, I’m relaxed, and loving every bit of what I’m doing.

And this is not out of the ordinary for me at all.

In fact, this is what my Hustle-Free Business looks like:

  • My workdays run from about 10am to about 4pm on average

  • In that time I talk to clients, I market myself, I book prospects, I add value for my community

  • I take my 18-month old daughter to Music Time and playgroups every week and spend time with her all throughout the day between calls and work activities

  • I get lots of sleep, I meditate every day, I connect with friends and colleagues regularly

  • Occasionally, if I feel like it, I might work a little after my daughter goes to sleep, but only if necessary and only if I really want to

  • Oh, and I generated $65,000 in the last four weeks

The reason this is possible for me is because I’ve developed a Simple System for myself that lets me grow and get results in a way that works for ME.

I’ve spent the last three years perfecting this process for me and for my clients.

With their simple systems in place my clients have been able to:

  • 10x their revenue

  • Earn back 3x their investment in me

  • 5x their prices and book MORE clients more easily

  • Fill their client roster

  • Take time for yoga, read for pleasure, make time for baths in the middle of the day, vacation with family, fly to Europe - twice!, build their dream businesses, and the list goes on and on…

All of this without an ounce of hustle required.

Just them being them, doing things that feel good to them, and reaping the rewards as their results roll in.

Does this sound like something you need?

Would having a Simple System in place that’s custom created for you, by you with your business, needs, and desires in mind be a game-changer for you?

(I’m guessing you’re nodding your head right now and shouting “Yes, Amy, YES!!”)


I’d love to help.

Drop me a line below and we'll make some time to chat about what you need and how I can assist. 

I can't wait to learn more about how you're about to change the world!

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