Thanks so much for grabbing our Kick-Ass Copy Review!

Here's what happens next...

  1. First, dive into a big ol' brain dump. There's all sorts of stuff swirling around up there and you need to get it out of your head and onto paper. Write down all the pending to-dos, big projects, hot priorities, little things you've been procrastinating about, pretty much ANYTHING that's on your mind related to you achieving success (or even just day-to-day relaxation...) - If possible, please create your brain dump in a Word doc or Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Next, click "Let's Get Started!" below to fill out our handy dandy, nice and short intake survey. We need this info from you in order to produce the best possible result with your copy.
  3. In the survey we'll ask you to share your one page of copy to be reviewed. If it's a webpage, just drop that web address in the field that asks for it. If it's a document you'd like us to review, please save it to Dropbox and share that Dropbox link in the field that asks for it. We'll also ask you to share your brain dump document. You can use Dropbox for that one too. (If you're anything like my husband and copy partner-in-crime, Tom, and technology annoys the bejesus out of you, feel free to send your one page to us via email at Ninja (at) 
  4. Our intention is to send your results back to you within 14 days of you finishing your survey. If we need to clarify anything with you throughout our process, we'll shoot you an email requesting more info. The faster we can get responses back from you, the faster we can produce your result. (So if you're a busy bee like we are and can't get back to us for a few days with answers to our questions, that might mean a longer than 10 day turnaround time...)
  5. The only thing left to do is get ready to happy dance because your copy's gonna kick some major ass!