Ever wish you could have a boss again, just for one day?

Here's how it goes for us entrepreneurs...

We're motoring along, our great ideas are flowing, we're excited and jazzed about taking on the world. 

We can see our BIG vision as clear as day and know EXACTLY where it is we want to go.

And then suddenly... We get stuck in our heads trying to figure out HOW we're going to bring it to life.

  • Overwhelm kicks in.
  • We lose traction.
  • Momentum hightails it for the nearest exit ramp away from us and our big ideas.

And we're left spinning our wheels trying to figure out what to do next...

Man, even Strategy Ninjas know what this is like! 

So back to the "boss for a day" question...

The three things I hear most often from my clients are:

  1. It drives me CRAZY that I have no idea HOW I'm going to achieve this goal.
  2. Just tell me the steps I need to follow to create my BIG vision and I'll run with it.
  3. Will you please just BE MY BOSS and tell me exactly what to do to make this thing of mine a reality?

Now, I know they don't really want a "boss", per se.

No. What they want is some DIRECTION and a PLAN.

They seek a partner in planning and accountability.

They need someone to brainstorm with who can see the blind spots they can't see, and is invested enough to want it to succeed as much as (or even more than) they do.

Does this sound like you?

Well the great news is, I can help with this stuff, and I LOVE doing it.

After spending 10 years in corporate managing strategy and high level projects for a Fortune 25 financial company, I know what it's like to both be a boss and to be "bossed". 

My genius is that I see and think in maps. 

Once I know your vision and can see it clearly, a map starts to formulate in my head that shows me the fastest, most efficient way to get us to that vision.

That's why my clients, colleagues, and friends lovingly call me The Strategy Ninja. Because I see the way to the solution and help you materialize it seemingly out of nowhere. And fast.

And the best part is I can map it all out for you in just an hour.

My Business Strategy Roadmap Session is your all-inclusive ticket to implementation success.

  • Ready for some real growth in your business? We'll make it happen.

  • Need help developing and launching a new offering? I've got you covered.

  • Tired of feeling scattered in your business? Let's get some systems in place.

  • Wishing your existing programs, processes, or offerings did a better job for both you and your clients? All you need is some Ninja improvement.

After our time together, you'll  leave with confidence, clarity, and all the HOW's you need to make that next big growth spurt in your business.

Here's exactly what you'll leave with after your customized Business Strategy Roadmap Session:

  • a 90-day plan that's detailed, specific, and completely actionable so you can jump right into your world-changing the very next day

  • a list of exactly what to delegate and/or outsource, with recommended referrals and resources

  • templates you can use for process improvements within your business

  • a list of measurable, scaleable metrics you can track to keep yourself on target

And here's how we'll create all of that amazing direction: 

  • First, we need to get clear on where it is you want to go and what will be most impactful to your business. To do this, I've got a great intake process for you to complete before we even meet. It's comprehensive and enlightening for both of us and we'll both benefit from getting crystal clarity on where we're taking your business. I'll review all that beautiful information prior to our Biz Strategy Roadmap Session and follow up with questions before we meet, if necessary.
  • On the day of our session, we'll meet first for 60-minutes via Skype to review and confirm your goals, get clear on direction, identify potential obstacles, and prioritize your specific needs and desires. We'll co-create a beautiful, intuitive, organic, and actionable plan for you to dive into right away to start creating results in your business. All the steps you need will be laid out, methodically and strategically. All you have to do next is work the plan and watch the magic unfold. 

  • After our session, we'll schedule two additional 20-minute follow up calls, one week after and then three weeks after our session, to keep you on track and give you opportunities to ask questions or make minor tweaks/adjustments to the strategy, if necessary.

  • You'll also get email support from me for three weeks following our session to help you with any implementation questions or needs that may come up as you dive into your strategy.

  • Quick note for all my friends living outside of the US: I am time zone sensitive and love working with clients in far-flung places! While this offering works well in one day for my US mainland based clients, I'm thrilled to offer flexibility for clients elsewhere to structure our time over a couple of days so you don't have to stay up until 3 AM to get your awesome new business strategy in your hot little hands.

Your investment for the Business Strategy Roadmap: $1,999.00

Ready to get started?

That's awesome!! Follow the instructions below to purchase and book your session.