Welcome friend, you have arrived.

If you're anything like me, you've probably spent a good portion of your entrepreneurial life in your own head, trying to figure this "business" thing out all by yourself.

Ready for some cold, hard truth?

Going it alone just doesn't work.

When we sit behind our laptop screens all day and all night, this crazy thing happens.

Our inner critics start to help us run our businesses.

You know who your inner critic is, right?

It's that voice in your head that says all sorts of shitty things to you like,"that's a TERRIBLE idea!" or "Yep, we are SO going to fail at this."

You know that "Shit, I'm stuck again..." feeling? Yep, that's the inner critic at work too. Holding you back. Putting obstacles in front of you bringing the best, most confident version of yourself to the table.

Would you PAY someone like that to run your business with you?

Of course not. So why do so many of us let our inner critics do it for FREE?

And it's not free.

In fact, there's a steep cost associated with letting our fears dictate how we show up in our businesses.

It sneaks up every time we stall, stop, or resist doing the things we need to do to create the results we want.

So how do we shut down our inner critics and create the momentum we need to generate those results?

We find our people and connect.

You're here today because you are:

Called to do bigger things.

Called to connect.

Called to succeed, and help others succeed while you’re at it.

Lucky for you (and us!), The Growth Tribe is here to answer that call!

Here's what we stand for:

Together, we're better. 1+1 = 3. Don't believe anyone that will tell you otherwise, or that you're wasting your time helping fellow entrepreneurs who work in completely unrelated spaces from you.

Coopetition over competition. Full stop. Collaboration between business competitors for mutually beneficial results always wins over pitting ourselves against each other.

Abundance mindset eclipses scarcity mindset. We no longer live in a world of finite opportunities and resources . We know that the more we collaborate with our gifts and can bring our best selves to the table, the more opportunities and resources we will bring into this world.

Love is the blueprint for success. Love is the driving emotion for our work, our relationships with our clients, and our peers.

Success is contagious. As one of us catches a tail wind, we all gain momentum.

Self-improvement and evolution are not optional in a world of constant change; they are imperative. By pooling our efforts and best practices for self-improvement and continuous learning, we can do this at rocket speed.

Imperfect action outperforms a perfect plan every time. P.S. - There is no such thing as a perfect plan. Seriously. Check yo’ self before you wreck yo’ self, you perfect planner, you.

Mutually Assured Success and Impact is a natural byproduct of Tribe membership. My commitment to my goal AND your goal + your commitment to your goal AND my goal = momentum and results for our entire tribe.

Serve with your gifts. We bring our best casseroles to the potluck party because we know that each of us makes a unique contribution that singularly and powerfully fuels all of us and propels us toward excellence.

Doing and living business can (and should) be easy. And with a community behind you, momentum pulls you forward automatically. Even during those times when you feel like you can’t forge ahead on your own steam, you move forward anyway.

Sound like your values too? Then join us.

The Growth Tribe isn't for everyone.

Some entrepreneurs won't "get" us. We know that, and we embrace it.

It takes all kinds to make this world go ‘round, and some entrepreneurs aren’t down with the odd f-bomb or random dance break. That’s cool. But we are, and that works for us.

This community is filled with a very special kind of person.

Our members serve one another and the world.

They love each other.

They contribute to one another’s success, regularly.

And they show up, for themselves and for everyone else.

If collaborating and connecting with a Tribe of kick-ass, motivated, loving entrepreneurs sounds like an awesome new way to experience growth and success in your business, then you're our kind of special.

Membership is free.

And so are our weekly Momentum Monday virtual coworking calls.

Every Monday at 10am PST our Tribe gathers on Zoom to kick off our week together.

These calls are, in a word, MAGICAL.

We connect.
We brainstorm and mastermind.
We get shit done.
And we create massive amounts of momentum.

They're the highlight of my week, and everyone who attends echoes that feeling.

If you show up and connect, momentum is guaranteed for you too.

We can’t wait to meet you!