Effective messaging is the easiest path to “YES”

But getting the whole “words thing” right can be pretty tricky.

The human in us likes to overcomplicate the process of describing what we have to offer by using complex terms, flowery words, and incorporating things our super smart brains think are necessary to make us appear more credible.

Which often means that the messages we’re creating go right over our intended audiences heads.

And if our messages aren’t landing, we aren’t selling.

But when you know how to describe what you have to offer in a clear, compelling, and strategic way, and in terms your audience actually gets, something magical happens . . .

They say “YES”.

If you’re launching something new or simply want to get better results from an existing offering that’s not converting as well as you’d like, fixing those words is the most powerful lever to start with.

I say all the time that optimized messaging is the easiest win there is.

THIS is why I decided to host this workshop.

Because I know how powerful it can be to the end result you’re after (i.e. conversions and sales) when you get this one simple thing right.

So whether you want to generate a quick boost in results…

Or you want a second set of (super strategic copy savant) eyes on your messaging…

Or you simply need a little help thinking through a content strategy that works…

You should come to this workshop.

Master Your Messaging 1/2 Day Workshop

Wednesday, May 22nd

1:00 - 5:00 PM

Beacon, Hudson River Valley, New York

In this workshop we’ll cover:

  • How to structure copy so that it get people’s attention and keeps it

  • How to connect to your audience through words so they think you’ve got ESP

  • How to create a content strategy that takes your prospects on a “YES Journey”

  • How to infuse yourself into your writing without feeling like a total weirdo

And we’ll do all of this with:

  • Interactive, workshop-style teaching so you can leave with tools to use forevermore :)

  • Hot seats and on the spot advice for how to message what you have to offer in clear and compelling ways, including a review of your actual writing

  • Personalized feedback for each participant on a content piece you’re actually working on right now so you’ll leave with a finished product that’s ah-mazing

So when you leave:

  • You’ll know EXACTLY how to describe yourself, your offerings, and how to create marketing content that captures your ideal client’s attention instantly so you can convert more clients more easily.

  • You’ll have at least one piece of content that’s copyedited, polished, and in your hands, ready to publish

  • You’ll be armed with a slew of my best messaging tools to take with you for your ongoing content creation - including a high-level outline of your content strategy for the rest of the year

i know what makes people say “YES”

. . . and what doesn’t

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Master Your Messaging Workshop
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Logistical details:

  • Once you register and grab your spot, I’ll follow up with a few additional details, including a link to a survey to help me get to know you and your business better so I can customize the content for the workshop to best fit your specific needs

  • While this workshop is best-suited for service providers, if you’re a product-based business and are interested in a workshop like this, reach out to me and I’ll follow up when I decide to put another workshop on the calendar to best serve your needs too

  • ** Important Note ** Because there are limited spots available for this workshop series, and because I will be customizing content for each person from the moment they register, it’s important to have a firm commitment from our participants at registration. For this reason, the workshop fee is non-refundable once registration is completed.

About your facilitator:

Amy Birks is a marketing strategist with a GPS-Brain. She’s a best-selling author, Hustle-Free Business owner, and messaging savant who’s helped her clients do things like grow their brands from zero to 7-figures in less than 12 months, achieve 5-figure paydays in their first ever product launches, sell out their events before enrollment officially opened, and quadruple their closing rate in 30 days.