Ever wished you could take the ickiness out of selling your offerings?

If you're anything like me then you've likely, on more than one occasion, run into a not-so-fun sales conversation with a prospective client.

It probably went something like this:

You meet and decide to hop on the phone.

You get to know them on the call so you're sure you can help them.

You tell them all about the amazing benefits you offer.

You throw in some really sweet bonuses.

But for some strange reason they're just not ready yet...

So they don't buy.

Does this sound familiar?

I'm not ashamed to admit this used to happen for me a lot. 

( Like A LOT a lot...)

But I knew there had to be a better way to convert prospects into clients. An easier, more organic and fun way.

So I went on a quest to figure out how.

And it completely shifted the trajectory for my business.

What I learned on this journey turned me from nervous, semi-desperate, and unsuccessful in sales conversations into someone who:

  • ...converts 9 out of 10 conversations with prospects
  • ...is completely comfortable talking about what she does
  • ...never feels like she's selling anyone anything at all

Sound like a transformation you'd like to make?

Here's a glimpse into what my quest to sales enlightenment looked like and HOW to do it yourself...

I decided to look back on times when I had made an investment to figure out what triggered ME to buy. 

The common thread I noticed over and over again was that each of these people/companies I invested in gave me some sort of FREE value before ever asking me to invest anything in them.

They taught me things that I could apply immediately.
They gave me tools that helped me start seeing instant results in my business and/or life.
They shared amazing resources that made my job easier and more enjoyable.

When you add value for your people they get to know, love, and trust you. And you know what that all adds up to?

A better experience for your people, and more business for you.

Doing this exercise was really enlightening and helpful, not just because I uncovered some effective marketing strategies but because it was a terrific reminder of what's most important in business.

Being of service and adding value keeps us connected to the people we're here to serve.

And here's the kicker... 

Serving people authentically by helping them with their needs is the fastest way to generate more sales too.

Think about it. When someone takes the time to share some helpful information with you for no other reason than they want you to succeed, doesn't that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?

We like and trust people who help us in life.

And when we like and trust someone, it becomes a no-brainer to buy from them.

The added benefit? When the stuff you're receiving is chock full of value, you think to yourself, "man, if they're willing to give this much away for FREE, imagine how much value I'd get if I bought something from them!"

Give great stuff away and you'll build instant trust and credibility with your audience.

Then when you make your offer, they don't need to give it a second thought before declaring "HELL yes!"

That's the secret to more sales. Just be of service and add value. And YES, do it for FREE.

So how do you apply this to YOUR business?

  • Go on your own quest. 

Do free instructional videos resonate with you? Love to consume info in every free ebook you find? Are you all about podcasts or fillable PDFs or webinars? Look back on your own buying patterns and model your selling after the trends you find. Extra credit if you document the buying patterns of your existing and former clients too. What was the know/love/trust journey they went on with you prior to buying?
  • Be generous. AND strategic...

Think through what you want to offer your prospects. What's the end goal for their biggest "YES!" on their journey with you? From there, back into what kind of FREE info you could share that would lead them on that YES journey with you. What can you teach them that would be immediately actionable in their life or business? What can you give away that will leave them saying, "WOW. That was SO helpful." while at the same time leave them with additional needs you can continue to meet? That's the stuff to give away. I wouldn't recommend doing free services for people as a means to prove how valuable you are. The point is to make them feel great, to build trust, and to leave them with a sense that they could be even MORE successful if they went further on the journey with you.
  • Don't be afraid to be a giver.

No, you won't go bankrupt doing business this way. You won't give away everything you have that's of value. You won't get taken advantage of. If you are steeped in the spirit of giving for the sake of being of service to others, it's impossible to go wrong here.
  • Most importantly: Your goal should NOT be making more sales...

When you're using this tactic, your intention should be to CONNECT, not to sell. I hesitate to even call it a "tactic" for exactly that reason. This is about a way of BEING, not a way of DOING. It's simply about being a giver and making life better for your community. Whether or not they ever decide to buy from you should never matter. When you come from a place of complete authenticity about  your intention to make people's lives better, all the pressure of trying to "sell" is completely removed. That's where the magic lies...

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