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video 1 - A funeral for hustle

Highlights from the video:

  • Hiking as a sales-generating tactic? Yep, we'll show you how it can be!
  • Was "FREEDOM" one of your motivators when starting your business? (We bet it was...) In this video we explore why the Hustle epidemic causes so many of us to give up that precious freedom we fought so hard to create.
  • What if you could incorporate FUN and EASE and still get the results you want? And more importantly, what if we told you those results (and BETTER) would show up BECAUSE you had more FUN and EASE?
  • At about the 11-minute mark we share a specific TOOL you can use to eliminate Hustle from your life once and for all. Don't miss it!

video 2 - self-doubt eradicator:

Highlights from the video:

  • Wondering why all those formulas people recommend aren't working for you? (or if they ARE working, why you're so unfulfilled?) The secret lies within, dear friend, and we'll share what WILL work instead.
  • Are you suffering from Guru Syndrome? (If you've hired a coach, bought a course, or invested in an online program, there's a good likelihood you are...) We'll tell you ALL about what that is, how it plagued us, and how to turn yourself around.
  • Don't miss the 10:55 mark when we share one of our most effective TOOLS for cultivating self-trust. And you'll never guess what it is... 

video 3 - the pursuit of excellence:

Highlights from the video:

  • Ever been frustrated about the inconsistent ups and downs in your business results? This video shares our secrets for generating great results consistently.
  • Wondering what EXCELLENCE really means and why it's so important? We've got you covered!
  • Did you know it actually requires MORE EFFORT to NOT be the biggest version of yourself? Surprising, right? More on that in the video...
  • If you've ever wondered what makes other people IRRESISTIBLE and MAGNETIC to others this video will shed light on how they do it, and how you can too.
  • Stay tuned for the 13:30 mark when we share the ONE thing you need to keep you from staying small. It's AWESOME.
  • And then at 14:50 we'll recap ALL the TOOLS we shared in each video, including our #1 tactic for EVOKING YOUR EXCELLENCE. 

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