Ever wished business and life could just be EASIER?

Join Amy Birks and Kelly Sheets for Camp Excellence!

We'll spend 3 fun and sun-filled days together in Santa Barbara exploring how to incorporate more FUN and EASE into your business and life simply by being YOU at your absolute BEST... 

We know what it's like to work HARD only to create inconsistent results. 

We also know what it's like when the stars align, the clouds part, and everything magically falls into place. Now, THAT shit is FUN!

And it all starts with BE-ing that highest expression of you that you already aspire to be. 

Your super fun hosts!

Your super fun hosts!

You know the one. She's radiant, magnetic, confident, and she manifests EVERYTHING she needs or wants instantly and effortlessly.

But here's the surprising secret not many people know...

She already exists within you.

You just have to EVOKE her...

That's where WE come in!

On the FUN-genda for Camp Excellence:

* You know that vision you have of your BIGGEST, BRIGHTEST, most EPIC self? We'll walk through our Excellence Framework together, workshop-style, to help you EVOKE the EXCELLENCE that already exists within you so by the end of the weekend you'll know exactly how to BE that ALL THE TIME.

* Tired of the HUSTLE but afraid to give it up and sacrifice your hard-won results? The whole weekend is dedicated to incorporating EASE into everything you're up to. We'll talk about what it looks like in business and in life and then PRACTICE it together.

* Remember how much FUN summer was when you were a kid? You were WILD and FREE, right? We'll relive that FUN together experientially over the weekend. Hiking, beach time, and space to just UNWIND and LET LOOSE, along with a few surprises are all part of the plan. Santa Barbara is AWESOME, and filled with opportunities for adventure.

* We'll spend 3 days together, starting Friday morning, August 26th and wrapping up Sunday afternoon the 28th. But be warned, this ain't your standard retreat! No stuffy hotel conference rooms, no early days and late nights. We're incorporating workshop time, organized fun, and plenty of YOU time intentionally so you can integrate and assimilate everything. Instead of "GO-GO-GO" all weekend long you'll get plenty of opportunities for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation interspersed into your transformation. It's by design. :) 

While we're not including lodging as part of the retreat package, some meals and all group excursions will be included and we'll make recommendations on hotels or areas of town for AirBnB options for you to consider for your stay in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara, in the beautiful Central Coast of California

Santa Barbara, in the beautiful Central Coast of California


Camp Excellence will be an intimate gathering of purpose-driven entrepreneurs who lead with love.

We've got room for 10 people maximum and are committed to each person being a right fit and a HELL YES for the experience.

Check out our participant criteria below and if you're IN, (AWESOME!) click an option below to get registered!

This retreat is for you if...

  • You're a HELL YES on evoking the EXCELLENCE that already exists within you

  • You're a HELL YES on creating from a space of EASE and FUN

  • You're a HELL YES on shifting old patterns and beliefs to make room for your EPIC life

  • You're a HELL YES on stretching your COMFORT ZONE in a safe environment so you can BE MORE YOU

  • You're a HELL YES on investing in yourself as a means to take a QUANTUM LEAP FORWARD

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