How to get what you want in life WITHOUT WAITING

So apparently moving across the country, completely shifting the focus of your business, and quitting a ten-year corporate "bridge job" really throws a wrench in the consistent communications works.

The good news is that my team and I have found our rhythm again, and our new(-ish) direction means that our ongoing content will be even better than before. Yeah!

And this week I've got an awesome, totally FREE, resource for you to kick things off. 

But first, a quick update on what's been going on these last few months:

As I've mentioned in some previous posts, my husband and I moved from Denver to the Central Coast of California in late May... Just because we wanted to.

It made no logical sense at the time. We'd had a plan in place to get here eventually, but our hearts kept pulling and pulling at us so we finally took the leap.

And you know what?

When we allowed ourselves to experience the things NOW that we were striving to have LATER, everything changed.

  • I (FINALLY!) got clear on my business mission

  • An outrageous corporate partnership opportunity appeared out of nowhere

  • Dream clients started showing up in droves

  • I quit my corporate day job to focus on Strategy Ninja-ing full time

All this amazing stuff (and more) showed up simply because we listened to our intuitions and followed our hearts. It's funny how that works, right?

We spend all this time making goals and working so hard to attain them. 

We visualize the end result.

We plot our detailed course to get us there.

We check things off to-do lists every day. 

But it never occurs to us that we might be able to experience it RIGHT NOW, just because we DECIDE TO. 

No waiting. No planning. No to-do-ing.


Pretty empowering, right? 

By giving ourselves permission to have it NOW, Tom and I shifted our vibe from "working hard and waiting" to "RECEIVING AND READY FOR MORE".

What are YOU waiting to receive that you could give yourself RIGHT NOW?

You don't have to make a huge, life-changing decision like moving across the country to start experiencing the magic either. 

Small decisions and commitments in the direction of your dream will work nicely too. 

The trick is to allow yourself to experience the things you're working towards in the present moment. Empower yourself to have this stuff RIGHT NOW instead of LATER, so you can shift your transistors from "WAITING AND HOPING" to "ALREADY RECEIVING".

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Just give yourself permission & DECIDE your dream is already yours. Then the magic shows up to make it so. 

So, I'll ask again... what are you waiting to receive that you could give yourself right now?

Comment below and declare it out loud.

And double points if you post it on my Facebook page too to get a little Ninja Accountability attached to it.

Before I forget, on to the FREE stuff I promised!

I created a new set of resources to go along with the Strategy Ninja focus, called the Ninja Toolkit. It's my best stuff for creating kick-ass strategy and launching your offerings effectively. Click here to grab it now. (And feel free to take a look around at the new website while you're at it!)

OK! I'm off to take a walk in the sun in the middle of the morning. Because feeling relaxed and joyful like a retiree is a goal of mine. And I'm DECIDING to experience it right now. 

Can't wait to read what you're DECIDING to bring into your life too.

With love and throwing stars,

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PS... I've got LOTS of fun tricks up my sleeve for the coming weeks with Dear Ninja, including more FREE resources, so stay tuned, tell your friends, and visit often! xo

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Easy Launch Strategy - Steps 6 and 7!

Who's ready to get busy with me??

Get your minds out of the gutter, my friends (although I'm sure you found mine down there with yours).

I'm talking about taking action on all this awesome stuff you've developed over the last few weeks with my 7 Steps to the Easiest Launch Ever cheat sheet. 

This week's video covers the last two steps in the cheat sheet, which includes step 7, Getting Busy, but it's preceded by step 6, which is equally, if not more so important to the success of your launch. 

Step 6 is all about Making Commitments.

Watch below to learn why making commitments is so critical to the success of your launch, and then to find out why you really can't be a commitment-phobe when you finally dive into action.

Here's your Ninja Insider Tweet of the Week: 

Committing to deadlines means you're making a conscious decision to turn pro. Nothing can stop you after that. - @amybbirks

OK, so here's a quick summary of the 7 Steps to the Easiest Launch Ever:

  1. Know your goal
  2. Find the BIG rocks
  3. Identify tasks
  4. Prioritize
  5. Find connections
  6. Make commitments
  7. Get Busy!

If these videos and the cheat sheet have been helpful, I invite you to share them with your friends! And stay tuned for more great launch strategy content to come over the next few weeks, along with a few surprises from me...

With love and inspiration,


PS... If you missed the video for step 1, grab it here, if you missed the video for steps 2 and 3, find that one here, and steps 4 and 5 can be found here.

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Easy Launch Strategy - Steps 4 and 5!

Welcome back to the third installment of my Easy Launch Strategy video series!

This week's video provides insight into steps 4 and 5 from my FREE cheat sheet, 7 Steps to the Easiest Launch Ever, which cover Setting Priorities and Finding Connections. 

Man, I've been on priority-setting and connection-finding overload this week prepping a new offering I'm getting ready to launch myself, so this video was a great reminder to me to take my own advice! 

You know, setting priorities is critical to your launch so you can be certain you're getting things done in the right order and most efficiently. 

It takes a lot for me to release my inner "Type A With Perfectionist Tendencies" but setting priorities really helps me do that.

Prioritizing ensures you don't waste time on tasks that aren't critical to the success of the project.

Knowing what tasks are connected to one another is equally important since some tasks may be contingent on others to complete first.

In the video below I give an example from the launch of the 7 Steps cheat sheet to help illustrate how all this works.

I also sing a little song. 

Click below to get your laugh of the day out of the way at my expense. It's my pleasure to provide you with my less than stellar musical stylings as a means to brighten your Monday morning.

Here's your Ninja Insider Tweet of the Week:

Ask yourself, "what's most important to the success of this project?" then do that thing first. -@AmyBBirks

If you haven't grabbed your 7 Steps to the Easiest Launch Ever cheat sheet, you can get it for FREE right here. (Share with your friends too because sharing is fun...)

Comment below! How's your launch going? And how does this one compare to prior launches you've embarked upon?

If you missed the video for step 1, grab it here, and if you missed the video for steps 2 and 3, find that one here.

See you next week in our final video on Steps 6 and 7, Making Commitments and Gettin' Busy!

With love and inspiration,


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Easy Launch Strategy - Steps 2 and 3!

How long is your to-do list?

Does it resemble a copy of the yellow pages for the greater New York area?

I know with the advent of the Google, the term "yellow pages" may be somewhat hard to identify with these day, but suffice it to say I'm suggesting your to-do list is REALLY LONG. 

Well, if it's overwhelming too, I've got your solution.

This week's video is number 2 in my series taking us through my new cheat sheet, 7 Steps to the Easiest Launch Ever, and it's all about identifying your BIG Rocks and Little Tasks. (If you missed video 1, click here to check it out.)

Here's the secret: BIG Rocks and Little Tasks are your KEY to efficiency and avoiding overwhelm.

Watch below to find out why...

So remember that finding your BIG Rocks (or milestones) and your Little Tasks are interchangeable steps. Whatever your brain wants to tackle first is fine but make sure you've got both in your project to avoid that nasty overwhelm that creeps in so easily.

Here's your Ninja Tip of the week:

A strategy with 3-4 BIG Rocks on it feels way more doable than a to-do list a million miles long...  -@AmyBBirks

Can I get an "amen" to that? (If you're "amen-ing" in front of your phone or laptop screen, how about you hop over to Twitter and tweet that Ninja Tip out to the Twitter-verse?)

OK, so how's YOUR launch going? Are you feeling any of that nasty overwhelm setting in? Do you have any questions about how to maximize that handy-dandy new cheat sheet of yours?

Don't get stuck in the weeds! Drop comments or questions below and I'll respond with Ninja speed.

In case you haven't downloaded it yet, or you're eager to share the love with your friends, here's that link again to grab the 7 Steps to the Easiest Launch Ever cheat sheet. Let's all get on the Easy Launch train together, shall we?

See you next week for Steps 4 and 5; Prioritizing and Finding Connections!

With love and inspiration,


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7 Steps to the Easiest Launch Ever

So tell me. How did your last product/offering launch go?

I'm not just asking about the results... No, I'm talking about the planning, the pulling together, the "doing" of it. How'd that go?

I can't tell you how many conversations I've had with other entrepreneurs over the last few months where they've shared how overwhelming it can be to figure out how to launch a new offering effectively. 

They start out super jazzed about their new idea but end up deflated by the time they share it with the world because they just don't understand the "how" behind an effective launch.

It kills me to see such talented people draining themselves over the "hows" of launching stuff when they could (or rather SHOULD) be spending that energy on creating more of those awesome offerings they're losing their marbles over not knowing how to launch.

That's where a Strategy Ninja comes in handy...

I mentioned last week that I'd created a new cheat sheet (under deadline) to help entrepreneurs with launching their offerings. Well, this week I'm releasing the first in a series of four videos dedicated to walking through that cheat sheet in detail.

Grab your 7 Steps to the Easiest Launch Ever cheat sheet right here and then follow along with video 1 below to grab some additional insight into how to launch your next offering easily AND effectively.

Here's your Ninja Tip of the week:

A goal that's bigger than you and your own needs is REALLY powerful. AND it draws powerful things to you... - @AmyBBirks

OK, so how'd I do?

Am I meeting my goals of providing you some value?

Is the cheat sheet helping you feel less overwhelmed about tackling a launch alongside this video series?

Are you super excited to share the cheat sheet with your friends?

Comment below and let me know how I'm doing... I really love the feedback.

If you haven't downloaded the 7 Steps to the Easiest Launch Ever cheat sheet yet, you can grab it for free here. And don't forget to share that link with other entrepreneurs you know that could use a little help with their next launch too.

Hey! I am actually ONE entrepreneur away from hitting a HUGE goal for my Community member list; can you help me find that one Rebel Professional who needs a little fun and strategy in their life right now by encouraging them to join our simplified-business party over here?

Stay tuned for next week's video on steps 2 and 3, Finding the BIG Rocks and Listing Tasks. (I promise the video is WAY more fun than those titles make it sound...)

With love and inspiration,


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Why I love deadlines. And a new free tool!

Jazz hands!

I just got back to California from another amazing retreat weekend with my coach and her private client mastermind. Most of our time together was spent learning all about how to place super-strategic Facebook ads, which then required us to put what we learned into action. (I'll update more on some of the best tactics I learned in an upcoming video...)

Over our three days together I needed to create a tool to download, a landing page to host it, a thank you page to deliver it, and an email sequence for follow up. Then I could get into the nitty gritty for placing the strategic Facebook ad.

Artwork for the ad I created for FREE on Canva

Artwork for the ad I created for FREE on Canva

And all of this work was interspersed with additional structured learning, connecting, and brainstorming time. (Not to mention a tour of Infusionsoft headquarters and breaks to take "jazz hands" photos!)

And did I mention that all the prep work and Facebook ad placement had to be done by the end of day two?

The new free tool, 7 Steps to the Easiest Launch Ever

The new free tool, 7 Steps to the Easiest Launch Ever

Knowing that by day three I needed to be ready to analyze the results of the ad meant that I couldn't waste time procrastinating. Shit had to happen and it had to happen FAST. (BTW, if you want to take a look at the end results, you can find the landing page here. Feel free to opt-in again and grab the free launch strategy download too. Don't worry, you won't get multiple emails from me if you use the same email address...)

Let me tell you, having a short timeframe to work within and a hard deadline to meet is one of my favorite tactics for getting things done. 

When I'm not in retreat-mode and am just at home working on my biz by myself I'll set a timer for short intervals - like 15 to 30 minutes at the most - to help me revisit that feeling of pressure and accountability I get when I'm with my mastermind. It really is my secret weapon for getting shit done.

What about you? Are you prone to procrastination unless there's a fire under your ass like me? What's your best method for staying on task? Tell me in the comments below.

So, videos will be back in full force again next week. After some technical glitches, our equipment is online and ready to roll again so expect a video in your inbox next Monday. See you then, Rebel Professional!

With love and inspiration,


PS... Welcome to our new subscribers! So glad you found your way here! Let me know what you think of the 7 Steps to the Easiest Launch Ever cheat sheet, and anything else you might find here as you explore :)

Don't miss out!

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Eliminate Resistance in 3 Easy Steps

As you may have noticed, Inspiration Monday is coming to you on a Wednesday this week. 

I'm blaming resistance.

What's resistance, you ask? Ah, well it comes in many insidious forms all with the intent to distract you from getting shit done.

For me it showed up looking like boredom, internet-preoccupation, hunger, and sleepiness. Pretty much anything that I could do to avoid working on the video was an activity set loose by resistance.

But I've got a new 3-step plan for managing it! Watch below to learn more...

Here's your Rebel Professional Tip of the Week:

"The power to take charge was in my hands. All I had to do was believe it." @SPressfield via @AmyBBirks

That Steven Pressfield is my new favorite author. Between the Art of War and Turning Pro, I'm kicking this resistance thing to the curb for GOOD. 

OK, your turn to share! Where is resistance showing up in your business and life? And how do you feel about surrendering to it a little bit in order to help move it right along? Comment below and let me know.

I'd also love to hear what you think about the new look of things over here at!

Drop me a line over on my Facebook page and let me know how you like the new digs over here. I'd love (LOVE) your feedback.

With love and inspiration,


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How to know if your business activities are taking you further away from your goals...

If you've been getting my newsletter for a while now, then you know that about a month ago my husband and I made a cross country move from Denver to the Central Coast of California. 

This move was three years in the making. . . A lot of dreaming and envisioning went into manifesting this transition to our little piece of paradise here on the Best Coast.

And now that we've made our vision a reality, it occurred to me that it's all of a sudden time to pick a new goal to manifest.

Pretty awesome, right? 

So what does that have to do with this week's video (besides the fact that I've got a new studio to film from)?

Well, this week I'm sharing my most effective tactic for ensuring the time you spend focused on your business is actually taking you closer to your goals, and it all starts with VISION. Watch below to learn more...

Here's your Rebel Professional Tip of the Week:

A clear vision is your North Star that ensures your tasks & activities are leading you to that awesome place you imagined. - @AmyBBirks

I want to thank Trish in Virginia again for sending in this awesome request for more time management tips! Drop your own business efficiency and strategy questions over on my Facebook page right here so I can feature them in an upcoming episode of Inspiration Monday.

So, what does your BIG Vision look like? What's the one thing you're most excited about manifesting? And how does your calendar look when it comes to bringing you closer to those goals? I can't wait to read your comments below...

Since effective time-management seems to be a hot topic for many of my clients these days, I'm super-excited to share that I'm in the process of developing a new online program to help tackle the overwhelm that comes along with Datebook Dysfunction.

More to come on that soon, as well as some other exciting changes in the works over here at, so stay tuned!

With love and inspiration,


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