Why giving stuff away is your key to more sales

Have you ever wished you could take the ickiness out of selling your offerings?

If you're anything like me then you've likely, on more than one occasion, run into a not-so-fun sales conversation with a prospective client.

It probably went something like this:

You meet networking, or they find you online and reach out.

You hop on the phone and tell them all about the amazing benefits you can offer.

You throw in some really sweet bonuses.

You've gotten to know them on the call so you know down to your core you can help them.

But for some strange reason they just don't see it yet.

So they don't buy.

(insert collective crowd "boooooooooooo" here)

This used to happen for me. A lot.( Like A LOT a lot...)

But I knew there had to be a better way. An easier, more organic and fun way.

So I looked back on times when I HAD invested, both small and large amounts of money, to figure out what triggered ME to buy. 

And the common thread I noticed over and over again was that each of these people/companies I invested in gave me some sort of free value before ever asking me to invest anything in them.

They added REAL value that I could apply immediately and start seeing instant results in my business and/or life.

When you add value for your people they get to know, love, and trust you, and that all adds up a better experience for them, and more business for you.

Doing this exercise was really enlightening and helpful, not just because it helped me dig into some marketing tactics that worked to hook ME, but because it was a terrific reminder of what's most important in business.

Being of service and adding value brings us back to our "why". It keeps us connected to the people we're here to serve.


And here's the kicker... 

Serving our people authentically , adding real value for them that they can use to improve their lives and/or businesses, is the fastest way to generate more sales too.

Give your stuff away (within reason, of course) and you'll build instant trust and credibility with your audience. 

That's the secret. Just be of service and add value. And YES, do it for FREE.

So here's some value from me to you today.

I was invited by my amazing partners at Infusionsoft to create a four week Ninja Marketing Challenge for their audience which culminated in a free webinar led by yours truly. 

Spoiler alert:

In the webinar I share a specific step-by-step strategy I use with my clients to help them add REAL value for their audience, and consequently end up with more sales as a result.

Watch below for a quick intro from me about what the webinar was about, and then click the link below the video to watch that webinar right now for FREE.

Here's that link to the free webinar. 

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In love and service,


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