Why I love deadlines. And a new free tool!

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I just got back to California from another amazing retreat weekend with my coach and her private client mastermind. Most of our time together was spent learning all about how to place super-strategic Facebook ads, which then required us to put what we learned into action. (I'll update more on some of the best tactics I learned in an upcoming video...)

Over our three days together I needed to create a tool to download, a landing page to host it, a thank you page to deliver it, and an email sequence for follow up. Then I could get into the nitty gritty for placing the strategic Facebook ad.

Artwork for the ad I created for FREE on Canva

Artwork for the ad I created for FREE on Canva

And all of this work was interspersed with additional structured learning, connecting, and brainstorming time. (Not to mention a tour of Infusionsoft headquarters and breaks to take "jazz hands" photos!)

And did I mention that all the prep work and Facebook ad placement had to be done by the end of day two?

The new free tool, 7 Steps to the Easiest Launch Ever

The new free tool, 7 Steps to the Easiest Launch Ever

Knowing that by day three I needed to be ready to analyze the results of the ad meant that I couldn't waste time procrastinating. Shit had to happen and it had to happen FAST. (BTW, if you want to take a look at the end results, you can find the landing page here. Feel free to opt-in again and grab the free launch strategy download too. Don't worry, you won't get multiple emails from me if you use the same email address...)

Let me tell you, having a short timeframe to work within and a hard deadline to meet is one of my favorite tactics for getting things done. 

When I'm not in retreat-mode and am just at home working on my biz by myself I'll set a timer for short intervals - like 15 to 30 minutes at the most - to help me revisit that feeling of pressure and accountability I get when I'm with my mastermind. It really is my secret weapon for getting shit done.

What about you? Are you prone to procrastination unless there's a fire under your ass like me? What's your best method for staying on task? Tell me in the comments below.

So, videos will be back in full force again next week. After some technical glitches, our equipment is online and ready to roll again so expect a video in your inbox next Monday. See you then, Rebel Professional!

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