The secret to bringing your BIG idea to life...

I'm finding that, in life, there are VISIONARIES and there are STRATEGISTS. Visionaries are the people who come up with BIG ideas, and strategists are the people who know how to take those ideas and turn them into REALITY.

I work with VISIONARIES. My clients have amazing visions of what they want to be, do, and create in the world. They want to turn their passion into their life's work. They see opportunities to meet previously unmet needs. They have a burning desire to feel free and enjoy life NOW. 

The path to your BIG Vision appears in my head like a map...

The path to your BIG Vision appears in my head like a map...

But they have NO idea how to make it happen.

I am a STRATEGIST. I imagine someone else's vision in such vivid detail that my expectation of what it will become in reality often outshines their own. The path to get them there appears like a map in my mind taking them step by step from A to B. Don't get me wrong. I can come up with ideas for my clients all over the place too; that's what makes me good at what I do, but my real genius is for knowing how to hold someone's vision and empower them to bring it to life with specific action.

I see in strategy and I love making shit happen.

Whether you're in the VISIONARY camp or you hang with the STRATEGISTS, this week's video will likely speak to you. I share my big secret to bringing all your biggest ideas to life (and it's WAY easier than you think it is...) Take a look and see for yourself.

So where are you going to start? Comment below so I can cheer you on down the road to Success Town.

And if the first step for you includes getting some support and strategy to kick things into gear, Click here NOW to get your Strategy Session with me at my Rebel Professional community discount. Sometimes a little push in the right direction is all we need to really get that ball rolling.

With love and inspiration (and a bag to pack for my big Vegas debut this week!),


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5 Signs You've Outgrown Your Day Job...

Ever felt stuck and unfulfilled?

I'm sure you have, in which case the first installment of the new Inspiration Monday video update should fix that pronto!

This week, I'm giving my Rebel Professional community my 5 Signs That You've Outgrown Your Day Job, AND exactly what you need to do next to find the fulfillment you want in your life. Good stuff, right?

I know for me, feeling stuck was the baseline of existence I experienced for most of my life. And that feeling definitely carried over into my various careers. 

Many of my clients experience this feeling too. The good news is that this "stuckness" tends to be the catalyst for their Rebel Professional leap into their BIG Vision project.

The trick is you have to acknowledge that's where you are - that you're stuck and you've outgrown your current situation - before you can see the opportunity to make that transition into a more fulfilling life. 

I promise, it's not hard to do, it just takes some awareness and a willingness to take a little bit of action. 

You don't even necessarily need to throw in the towel on your ill-fitting day-job before diving into your BIG Vision project either. With a little help and support, some guidance and strategy, you can absolutely build that fulfillment you seek on the side.

So check out the video to learn those 5 Signs You've Outgrown Your Day Job to determine if now's the time for you to start thinking about your life's plan B.

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11 Signs You're a Rebel Professional

If you've wandered around my website at any point, or if we've had an opportunity to connect one-on-one, you've probably noticed I use the term "Rebel Professional" when referring to my clients.

Rebel Professionals are awesome.

They have a vision for themselves and the world that includes all of us feeling empowered and fulfilled, with every day overflowing with freedom, fun and flexibility. They know they're intended to do MORE and aren't willing to wait "until" to enjoy life. They want to love life NOW.

So if you've ever wondered if you'd be in good company with me and my Rebel Professional clients and friends, read on for 11 signs that you'd fit right in here with us.

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