How to get what you want in life WITHOUT WAITING

So apparently moving across the country, completely shifting the focus of your business, and quitting a ten-year corporate "bridge job" really throws a wrench in the consistent communications works.

The good news is that my team and I have found our rhythm again, and our new(-ish) direction means that our ongoing content will be even better than before. Yeah!

And this week I've got an awesome, totally FREE, resource for you to kick things off. 

But first, a quick update on what's been going on these last few months:

As I've mentioned in some previous posts, my husband and I moved from Denver to the Central Coast of California in late May... Just because we wanted to.

It made no logical sense at the time. We'd had a plan in place to get here eventually, but our hearts kept pulling and pulling at us so we finally took the leap.

And you know what?

When we allowed ourselves to experience the things NOW that we were striving to have LATER, everything changed.

  • I (FINALLY!) got clear on my business mission

  • An outrageous corporate partnership opportunity appeared out of nowhere

  • Dream clients started showing up in droves

  • I quit my corporate day job to focus on Strategy Ninja-ing full time

All this amazing stuff (and more) showed up simply because we listened to our intuitions and followed our hearts. It's funny how that works, right?

We spend all this time making goals and working so hard to attain them. 

We visualize the end result.

We plot our detailed course to get us there.

We check things off to-do lists every day. 

But it never occurs to us that we might be able to experience it RIGHT NOW, just because we DECIDE TO. 

No waiting. No planning. No to-do-ing.


Pretty empowering, right? 

By giving ourselves permission to have it NOW, Tom and I shifted our vibe from "working hard and waiting" to "RECEIVING AND READY FOR MORE".

What are YOU waiting to receive that you could give yourself RIGHT NOW?

You don't have to make a huge, life-changing decision like moving across the country to start experiencing the magic either. 

Small decisions and commitments in the direction of your dream will work nicely too. 

The trick is to allow yourself to experience the things you're working towards in the present moment. Empower yourself to have this stuff RIGHT NOW instead of LATER, so you can shift your transistors from "WAITING AND HOPING" to "ALREADY RECEIVING".

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Just give yourself permission & DECIDE your dream is already yours. Then the magic shows up to make it so. 

So, I'll ask again... what are you waiting to receive that you could give yourself right now?

Comment below and declare it out loud.

And double points if you post it on my Facebook page too to get a little Ninja Accountability attached to it.

Before I forget, on to the FREE stuff I promised!

I created a new set of resources to go along with the Strategy Ninja focus, called the Ninja Toolkit. It's my best stuff for creating kick-ass strategy and launching your offerings effectively. Click here to grab it now. (And feel free to take a look around at the new website while you're at it!)

OK! I'm off to take a walk in the sun in the middle of the morning. Because feeling relaxed and joyful like a retiree is a goal of mine. And I'm DECIDING to experience it right now. 

Can't wait to read what you're DECIDING to bring into your life too.

With love and throwing stars,

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PS... I've got LOTS of fun tricks up my sleeve for the coming weeks with Dear Ninja, including more FREE resources, so stay tuned, tell your friends, and visit often! xo

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Why I love deadlines. And a new free tool!

Jazz hands!

I just got back to California from another amazing retreat weekend with my coach and her private client mastermind. Most of our time together was spent learning all about how to place super-strategic Facebook ads, which then required us to put what we learned into action. (I'll update more on some of the best tactics I learned in an upcoming video...)

Over our three days together I needed to create a tool to download, a landing page to host it, a thank you page to deliver it, and an email sequence for follow up. Then I could get into the nitty gritty for placing the strategic Facebook ad.

Artwork for the ad I created for FREE on Canva

Artwork for the ad I created for FREE on Canva

And all of this work was interspersed with additional structured learning, connecting, and brainstorming time. (Not to mention a tour of Infusionsoft headquarters and breaks to take "jazz hands" photos!)

And did I mention that all the prep work and Facebook ad placement had to be done by the end of day two?

The new free tool, 7 Steps to the Easiest Launch Ever

The new free tool, 7 Steps to the Easiest Launch Ever

Knowing that by day three I needed to be ready to analyze the results of the ad meant that I couldn't waste time procrastinating. Shit had to happen and it had to happen FAST. (BTW, if you want to take a look at the end results, you can find the landing page here. Feel free to opt-in again and grab the free launch strategy download too. Don't worry, you won't get multiple emails from me if you use the same email address...)

Let me tell you, having a short timeframe to work within and a hard deadline to meet is one of my favorite tactics for getting things done. 

When I'm not in retreat-mode and am just at home working on my biz by myself I'll set a timer for short intervals - like 15 to 30 minutes at the most - to help me revisit that feeling of pressure and accountability I get when I'm with my mastermind. It really is my secret weapon for getting shit done.

What about you? Are you prone to procrastination unless there's a fire under your ass like me? What's your best method for staying on task? Tell me in the comments below.

So, videos will be back in full force again next week. After some technical glitches, our equipment is online and ready to roll again so expect a video in your inbox next Monday. See you then, Rebel Professional!

With love and inspiration,


PS... Welcome to our new subscribers! So glad you found your way here! Let me know what you think of the 7 Steps to the Easiest Launch Ever cheat sheet, and anything else you might find here as you explore :)

Don't miss out!

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How to know if your business activities are taking you further away from your goals...

If you've been getting my newsletter for a while now, then you know that about a month ago my husband and I made a cross country move from Denver to the Central Coast of California. 

This move was three years in the making. . . A lot of dreaming and envisioning went into manifesting this transition to our little piece of paradise here on the Best Coast.

And now that we've made our vision a reality, it occurred to me that it's all of a sudden time to pick a new goal to manifest.

Pretty awesome, right? 

So what does that have to do with this week's video (besides the fact that I've got a new studio to film from)?

Well, this week I'm sharing my most effective tactic for ensuring the time you spend focused on your business is actually taking you closer to your goals, and it all starts with VISION. Watch below to learn more...

Here's your Rebel Professional Tip of the Week:

A clear vision is your North Star that ensures your tasks & activities are leading you to that awesome place you imagined. - @AmyBBirks

I want to thank Trish in Virginia again for sending in this awesome request for more time management tips! Drop your own business efficiency and strategy questions over on my Facebook page right here so I can feature them in an upcoming episode of Inspiration Monday.

So, what does your BIG Vision look like? What's the one thing you're most excited about manifesting? And how does your calendar look when it comes to bringing you closer to those goals? I can't wait to read your comments below...

Since effective time-management seems to be a hot topic for many of my clients these days, I'm super-excited to share that I'm in the process of developing a new online program to help tackle the overwhelm that comes along with Datebook Dysfunction.

More to come on that soon, as well as some other exciting changes in the works over here at, so stay tuned!

With love and inspiration,


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Got a leaky cash flow? I've got your solutions right here

It’s Monday again, and you know how I feel about Mondays...

They kick some major ass!

I love how Monday gives us a whole new opportunity to start the week fresh. It’s like a clean slate week after week.

I try to load up my Mondays with as much inspiration as possible because I want to do everything I can to ensure that my week starts off with MOMENTUM. Then the rest of the activities I’m committed to throughout the week have a great foundation to build upon.

This week’s video is all about helping you set yourself up with momentum too, by identifying the Holes in Your Cash Flow.

I’m taking you through the top three Cash Flow Holes I run into most often with my clients (and myself!) while building successful businesses, and the solutions you need to keep the cash flowing to you unfettered. Watch below for more...

Here are your #RebelProfessional tips of the week:

“If it’s not in your calendar, it’s not real.” @MarieForleo via @amybbirks
AND, “Hiring support for your business frees you up to REALLY focus on what you do best.” @amybbirks

Be sure to drop a comment below and tell me which Cash Flow Hole has been tripping you up, and what you’re gong to incorporate now to keep the cash flowing in freely and easily...

And if you want to bestow a little love and creativity upon me, here’s a link to my Facebook page where you can post questions for me to address on upcoming episodes of Inspiration Monday. Let me help you with things like:

  • What’s your biggest annoyance in the way your business operates right now?
  • What parts of your business do you wish were easier to manage?
  • How can I help you simplify being a kick-ass entrepreneur?

Drop your burning business strategy and efficiency questions over on my Facebook page and I can’t wait to answer them for you right here on Inspiration Monday.

With love and inspiration,


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The real truth about retreating

After an unexpected hiatus, I'm back and checking in from my new home office in the beautiful Central Coast of California. I knew it would be pretty awesome to live here, but my vision has been completely surpassed by the reality Tom and I have manifested here. This place ROCKS.

Even on a windy day, this guy LOVES his new beach life.

Even on a windy day, this guy LOVES his new beach life.

But back to that unexpected hiatus...

I love change. I didn't always, but over the last ten years or so I've really embraced the idea that, intrinsically, I thrive when conditions around me are in flux. Stagnation and samey-samey just doesn't work for me.

A move from Denver to California seemed like the best culmination of the things I love; warm weather, new environments, and change.

I figured I'd just pack up the house, say goodbye to friends and family, and off west Dogface and I would head in our rental car to meet Tom in our new town. Take a few days off work, get to CA, and life would begin again. No biggie.

Well... It turns out as much as I love change, I also have a primal need to have stability in my home environment.

Moving inherently creates instability. Your stuff is everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. You've got upheaval all around. And the process can last weeks depending on how long it takes to get settled into your new space.

Apparently, this kind of frenetic energy just doesn't work for me. But I didn't know it. So I retreated.

And now, just about six weeks since this moving process began (and, incidentally, about a month after I told you all about how to avoid overwhelm), I'm feeling back to my old self again.

What's so funny about this retreat of mine is that I thought I was prepared for the inevitable discomfort I knew moving would bring. I was sure that I was "good to go" and was managing stress and balancing life, business, and logistics really well. I even had a series of Inspiration Monday videos pre-recorded to keep me ahead of the game.

But I didn't know what I didn't know about how this move was going to throw me completely off kilter. 

In fact, the video I'm sharing today was recorded about a week before Dogface and I hit the road for California. I must have had a premonition about what was to come. Watch below and try not to laugh at me for not remembering my own advice pre-retreat.

I watched this video again yesterday for the first time since I recorded it four weeks ago and giggled at the irony...

I did NOT seek support.

I did NOT ask for help.

I did NOT reach out to my coach, mastermind partners, or friends.

I did NOT even REALIZE I was in retreat until the last box was unpacked and the final pictures hung on the walls creating that settled feeling I didn't know I needed so badly.

What I didn't know I didn't know was #1, that feeling unsettled in my home environment can completely derail me if I'm not careful; and #2, that I won't likely notice the retreat has occurred until I'm knee deep in the shit of it. 

But the good news is NOW I know. And I've got some new support measures in place that will help me function more proactively on a consistent basis to ensure that a future retreat is mitigated WAY before I end up completely buried in a bunker.

So thinking about what YOU don't know you don't know, especially as it relates to your already successful business, use my experience as a cautionary tale.

Whether it's a retreat you're avoiding (or don't know you're already in), or you're leaving money on the table in your business and don't even know it, or you're feeling overwhelmed due to inefficiencies you had no idea were inefficient, GET SOME SUPPORT. 

If working with me to figure this stuff out resonates, click here to take advantage of my discounted Strategy Session now. At minimum, it will get us on the phone to determine if we're a good fit. And if we're not, I am certain I know of another resource that would work better for you.

With love and inspiration,


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2 easy tips for avoiding overwhelm

Are we connected on Facebook or Twitter yet? If so, then you've probably heard that Tom and I are getting ready to move from Denver, Colorado to the sunny Central Coast of California. (If not, click the links above to connect now!)

The move came together really quickly, and we all know that big life milestones like this can be really stressful, so as people have been checking in with me lately, they keep asking, "so how are you doing? Are you totally overwhelmed?"

But miraculously, I'm not.

And in this week's video I'll tell you exactly what I'm doing to keep myself in Zen City amidst all of the chaos that executing a cross-country move in four weeks can create. Watch below to learn how you can apply my two easy techniques and avoid overwhelm yourself too...

Here's your Rebel Professional Inspiration-On-the-Go:

Whether you're dreaming BIG or playing small, the Universe will put the same amount of energy into providing you either outcome; so DREAM BIG!

One more little thing on having faith... If you're skeptical or a self-proclaimed "realist", grabbing onto this concept might be a little tricky for you, but I challenge you to try it anyway.

The key will be to really, REALLY have faith and set those realism tendencies aside, otherwise any plan B you might be thinking about will automatically become necessary, simply because that's where you're focusing your energy.

So, what's overwhelming you lately? And what are you going to focus on now to move yourself in next door to me in Zen City? Comment below and tell me all about it.

In the meantime, I'm headed off to pack box number 49... :)

With love and inspiration,


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Need a success strategy? Try this...

Since creating strategy and taking people from A to B is my wheelhouse, people often ask me what the secret to a successful action plan is.

Well, in this week's video I'm sharing my #1 tactic for strategies that succeed, as well as the origins of my own success strategy in my business, and you might be surprised to hear what the catalyst really was...

Watch below to learn more...

Here's your Rebel Professional Inspiration-On-the-Go:

The size of your investment is in direct correlation to your level of commitment to the thing you're investing in. 

So, what are you going to invest in now that will take your life or business "to infinity and beyond"? And how do you feel about making that investment? Tell me in the comments below. 

And if coaching is the thing you're ready to invest in, let's talk. Click here to schedule your discounted Clarity Call with me now.

Before you run off to dive headfirst into your Monday, I've got a quick update on my upcoming video series, Rebel Professionals Action Week...

My husband and I are (pretty much out of nowhere) making a cross-country move in the next three weeks, which means I'll need to postpone the launch of the video series. It's still coming, it'll just be a few more weeks before I'll be able to get it out. Leaving Denver, my home of the last 15 years, to head west is going to be quite an undertaking, both logistically AND emotionally, let me tell ya!

You can still register for Action Week here, and you'll get advanced access to the Facebook group right away, so register now and I'll share an update about the video launch in the coming weeks (as soon as the sorting, packing, prepping house to be rented, moving, unpacking frenzy is behind me!)

With love and inspiration,


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The secret to bringing your BIG idea to life...

I'm finding that, in life, there are VISIONARIES and there are STRATEGISTS. Visionaries are the people who come up with BIG ideas, and strategists are the people who know how to take those ideas and turn them into REALITY.

I work with VISIONARIES. My clients have amazing visions of what they want to be, do, and create in the world. They want to turn their passion into their life's work. They see opportunities to meet previously unmet needs. They have a burning desire to feel free and enjoy life NOW. 

The path to your BIG Vision appears in my head like a map...

The path to your BIG Vision appears in my head like a map...

But they have NO idea how to make it happen.

I am a STRATEGIST. I imagine someone else's vision in such vivid detail that my expectation of what it will become in reality often outshines their own. The path to get them there appears like a map in my mind taking them step by step from A to B. Don't get me wrong. I can come up with ideas for my clients all over the place too; that's what makes me good at what I do, but my real genius is for knowing how to hold someone's vision and empower them to bring it to life with specific action.

I see in strategy and I love making shit happen.

Whether you're in the VISIONARY camp or you hang with the STRATEGISTS, this week's video will likely speak to you. I share my big secret to bringing all your biggest ideas to life (and it's WAY easier than you think it is...) Take a look and see for yourself.

So where are you going to start? Comment below so I can cheer you on down the road to Success Town.

And if the first step for you includes getting some support and strategy to kick things into gear, Click here NOW to get your Strategy Session with me at my Rebel Professional community discount. Sometimes a little push in the right direction is all we need to really get that ball rolling.

With love and inspiration (and a bag to pack for my big Vegas debut this week!),


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