Peter McGraw

What if I told you you're not that interesting?

Did that sting a little?

I know I don't generally begin your Mondays with something quite so harsh, but in the true spirit of Inspiration Monday, I'm trying to give you an opportunity to feel INSPIRED, so read on and all will become clear momentarily...

I just got back from an amazing five days in Las Vegas, sponsoring Darla LeDoux's FANTASTIC Align It Live! event. Among my many takeaways, the thing I want to touch on today is how to have more FUN in life.

Being in this engaging, inspiring environment for five days helped me to see (among other things) that I'm spending way too much time with my head down, checking off to-do's and getting sh!t done to move me closer to my BIG Vision. 

Now, proactivity isn't a bad thing, and it's obviously necessary to be productive in order to achieve your goals in life, but what I noticed this winter is that the FUN in my life seems to have gone into serious hibernation mode.

We need a balance of productivity and FUN in order to feel fulfilled in life.

So in this week's video, I'm sharing an amazing new tip I just learned to help bring the fun back into your life, PRONTO. And it involves embracing the idea that your life really isn't as interesting as you may think it is... Watch below to see what I'm talking about.

Sister and husband; bringin' da fun since 1980 and 2007.

Sister and husband; bringin' da fun since 1980 and 2007.


Alright, what's on your new bring-in-da-fun list? Comment below to declare your fun commitment loud and clear.

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With love and inspiration (and some fun waiting for me as soon as I hit "send"),


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