Looking for a resource? Look no further...

It's Resource Roundup time, kids!

I love connecting my community to amazing resources, and this month's Roundup is filled with awesome opportunities for you to check out. 

Watch the video below for a quick interview with one of my favorite people, Danielle Watson, creator of the Purse Process. She shares her story about how she stepped outside of the traditional box to turn her skills and experience into a unique, passion-filled vision.

Click here to learn more about Danielle, the Purse Process and to download your free copy of her Pursonality Profiles!

Here are some more terrific resources for you too; I know each of the people listed below personally so I'd love to see you connect to any one of them.

Living from the Heart Weekend Retreat; Transform through Self Discovery! Curious about that mind-body connection? Want to let go of what holds you back, clear the blocks once and for all?  Want more Joy in your life?  This retreat with Trish Kapinos is a spiritual journey into knowing your authentic Self, reconnecting to your innate power and reclaiming your inner peace. Email Trish at Trish (at) TrishKapinos (dot) com to register!

For Entrepreneurs who want to "Be Seen". . . Using photography, Dameda Finney will unveil your inner beauty and truth through energy work and movement. Show up in the world the way you truly desire and watch your business and relationships transform! Email Dameda at Dfinney1 (at) me (dot) com for more information.

Stress-free bookkeeping DOES exist! Danetha Doe is a business finance coach who helps entrepreneurs feel less stressed about covering their business expenses. She is a master at organizing your money and helping you find ways to keep more of your hard-earned money. Click here to book a FREE 20-minute bookkeeping session with Danetha now!

What does your soul crave? Join Ashli Pritchard and a FABULOUS group of soul-centered, ready-to-ROCK OUT, intimate circle of women who are ready to shift their life or business to an extraordinary level through movement! This workshop takes place in a safe, fun environment in Denver, CO on May 30th. Click here for more info and to register...

One last resource for you...

Rebel Professionals Action Week starts TODAY and there's still time to jump in on the fun! Click here to register and you'll get your first video in your inbox right away.

With love and inspiration,


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Can Three Days in Vegas Change Your Life...?

Hooray! The technology gods smiled upon me this weekend and I was finally able to complete the editing process for my very first Inspiration Monday video newsletter! 

I'm really excited about this new format. I think weekly videos will give me a great opportunity to connect with you on a more fun, personal level. You can expect them to be short, powerful, and filled with value. 

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