Datebook Dysfunction

How to know if your business activities are taking you further away from your goals...

If you've been getting my newsletter for a while now, then you know that about a month ago my husband and I made a cross country move from Denver to the Central Coast of California. 

This move was three years in the making. . . A lot of dreaming and envisioning went into manifesting this transition to our little piece of paradise here on the Best Coast.

And now that we've made our vision a reality, it occurred to me that it's all of a sudden time to pick a new goal to manifest.

Pretty awesome, right? 

So what does that have to do with this week's video (besides the fact that I've got a new studio to film from)?

Well, this week I'm sharing my most effective tactic for ensuring the time you spend focused on your business is actually taking you closer to your goals, and it all starts with VISION. Watch below to learn more...

Here's your Rebel Professional Tip of the Week:

A clear vision is your North Star that ensures your tasks & activities are leading you to that awesome place you imagined. - @AmyBBirks

I want to thank Trish in Virginia again for sending in this awesome request for more time management tips! Drop your own business efficiency and strategy questions over on my Facebook page right here so I can feature them in an upcoming episode of Inspiration Monday.

So, what does your BIG Vision look like? What's the one thing you're most excited about manifesting? And how does your calendar look when it comes to bringing you closer to those goals? I can't wait to read your comments below...

Since effective time-management seems to be a hot topic for many of my clients these days, I'm super-excited to share that I'm in the process of developing a new online program to help tackle the overwhelm that comes along with Datebook Dysfunction.

More to come on that soon, as well as some other exciting changes in the works over here at, so stay tuned!

With love and inspiration,


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Got a leaky cash flow? I've got your solutions right here

It’s Monday again, and you know how I feel about Mondays...

They kick some major ass!

I love how Monday gives us a whole new opportunity to start the week fresh. It’s like a clean slate week after week.

I try to load up my Mondays with as much inspiration as possible because I want to do everything I can to ensure that my week starts off with MOMENTUM. Then the rest of the activities I’m committed to throughout the week have a great foundation to build upon.

This week’s video is all about helping you set yourself up with momentum too, by identifying the Holes in Your Cash Flow.

I’m taking you through the top three Cash Flow Holes I run into most often with my clients (and myself!) while building successful businesses, and the solutions you need to keep the cash flowing to you unfettered. Watch below for more...

Here are your #RebelProfessional tips of the week:

“If it’s not in your calendar, it’s not real.” @MarieForleo via @amybbirks
AND, “Hiring support for your business frees you up to REALLY focus on what you do best.” @amybbirks

Be sure to drop a comment below and tell me which Cash Flow Hole has been tripping you up, and what you’re gong to incorporate now to keep the cash flowing in freely and easily...

And if you want to bestow a little love and creativity upon me, here’s a link to my Facebook page where you can post questions for me to address on upcoming episodes of Inspiration Monday. Let me help you with things like:

  • What’s your biggest annoyance in the way your business operates right now?
  • What parts of your business do you wish were easier to manage?
  • How can I help you simplify being a kick-ass entrepreneur?

Drop your burning business strategy and efficiency questions over on my Facebook page and I can’t wait to answer them for you right here on Inspiration Monday.

With love and inspiration,


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