3 Easy Steps to Your Best Year Ever - Really!

Ending the year with a little summertime beauty

I found a terrific new yoga studio last week. Well, it's new to me, not new to the neighborhood, but either way I'm thrilled to be back on my mat again after an extended hiatus.

My break from yoga didn't happen because I all of a sudden stopped enjoying it, or because of an injury, or because of some traumatic yoga event. (Yes, those actually happen. Ask Lululemon, if you don't believe me...)

I simply stepped away from my commitment.

Life got busy. Things came up. I couldn't fit it into my schedule.

At the time, all of those sounded like great, legitimate reasons to keep me off my mat, but in reality they were just excuses. I left my commitment behind and let the busy-ness of life get in the way.

I bring this up today because this is our last Inspiration Monday of the year. With 2014 close on our heels, only two days away, I'm reminded that everyone is likely already thinking about the dreaded "R" word... 


(cue dramatic horror movie scream right here...)

OK, don't get me wrong about resolutions. I love the idea of them, but in execution they pretty much suck, don't they? Maybe it's the word itself that carries with it this tremendous weight and guilt. 

"It's a new year, therefore we MUST make resolutions and promise to do better next year!"

What's that about?

Why do we beat ourselves up about all the things we didn't do in the prior year only to turn around and guilt ourselves into making these outrageous, unrealistic resolutions to "be better" in the coming year? According to Forbes, only 8% of people who set resolutions actually achieve them. 8%!?! Perhaps there's a correlation?

While "being better about doing yoga" or "doing yoga every day" wasn't a New Year's resolution of mine, I'd made a somewhat wishy-washy commitment to use yoga as a method to care for myself because I felt like I SHOULD do it, and like many other wishy-washy commitments and resolutions prior that had been loaded with SHOULDS, this one just fell off my radar.

So what if, instead of making "resolutions", in 2014 we made CONSCIOUS, COMMITTED DECISIONS?

And instead of infusing them with guilt over all that we didn't accomplish in 2013, how about we remind ourselves of all of our WINS so our commitments for the new year are EMPOWERED and AWESOME?

That sounds a little better, right?

If this seems like a philosophy you'd like to adopt this year, check out my 3-step plan below to help inspire your 2014 super success strategy.

3 Easy Steps to Your Best Year Ever

      1.Take a look back at 2013 and LIST YOUR WINS.

What happened this year that you can be proud of? We're humble creatures, us humans, so this step is sometimes a little trickier than it appears, but it's an absolute MUST in order to give yourself a great foundation to build on in the new year. Break out the calendar if you have to and try and remind yourself of all the amazing things that happened for you this year. I challenge you to document on paper a minimum of THREE wins.

Keep in mind that your "win scale" absolutely should NOT look like anyone else's. So if your cousin is Peyton Manning (who just broke at least his third personal NFL record of the season this afternoon), his wins might appear to be a bit more spectacular. Maybe your wins include a promotion at work, or facing a big fear, or even something as simple as the amazing feeling you got from volunteering. In the scheme of things, remember that your wins are your own and you should always find ways to allow yourself to bask in the pride of your accomplishments, no matter how small they may seem compared to cousin Peyton.


We're going to drop that "R" word from our vocabularies starting today. Since we started with listing our WINS, as opposed to looking back on 2013 with a disappointed lens, we've built this concrete foundation, infused with diamonds of pride, to give 2014 the best possible opportunity to be our most incredible year ever. Now we're ready to make some CONSCIOUS, COMMITTED DECISIONS.

How do those differ from resolutions (beside the whole removal of guilt thing)? Well, look at each of those words: CONSCIOUS. When we're conscious, it means we're paying attention, right? We've got our eyes open and we're taking in all the information around us so we can make an accurate and effective assessment of our situation. COMMITTED. Being committed is akin to devotion. This is a strong word, one that I hold near and dear to my heart. It's why I pride myself on being such a great coach to my clients. When you're committed to something, and I mean really committed, there's little else that can take you away from that commitment. DECISIONS. Ah, yes. Decisions. Being decisive is one of the most empowered feelings in the world. My coach reminds me that the real definition of "decision" is to kill off all other options. That feels pretty strong and important doesn't it? When you're decisive, you're declaring to the world that you have complete and utter faith that you know what the f*ck you're doing and that everyone and everything better just get outta your way. Yeah, I love decisions.

So put all three of those words together now. You're paying acute attention to what's important to you and making an empowered choice to devote yourself completely to the task(s) you put your mind to in 2014. Doesn't that feel more empowered than saying, "this year, I resolve to actually lose those last ten pounds..." (Can you hear the whiny sing-songy voice in my head saying those gutless words?) How about instead you said, "My health is important to me. I'm committed to making my health a priority this year because I want to be there 100% for my loved ones and those I care about and I simply can't do that without being in the best health of my life. I have no other option because it's that important."  Which person would you rather be?

     3. Take some ACTION, DAMNIT!

Here it is. Your opportunity has arrived. Now the rubber meets the road. You've built yourself up with your WINS, made a CONSCIOUS, COMMITTED DECISION, now's the time to get shit done

Don't get overwhelmed. Start with small steps, if need be, but make sure you do SOMETHING to move your commitment forward. With consistency of those small steps, you'll find that they get easier and easier to replicate. You know the old saying, Rome wasn't built in a day? Well it's got some merit behind it. Know that you're working towards something and it might take a bit of time to get to the finish line. But with consistent activity every day, you're sure to get there.

And know that your CONSCIOUS, COMMITTED DECISIONS don't stop on January 1st. When you take action towards those commitments, you're making a new CONSCIOUS, COMMITTED DECISION each and every time to choose to do something to move you forward. So keep at it! Ask yourself each morning, "what's ONE thing I can do today that will bring me closer to my goal?" By simply answering that question daily there's no way you can fail.

To make things really easy for you, I'm giving you your first action to take right here, right now.

Go register for my FREE online workshop, right now. This seminar will teach you four simple mindset shifts you can make to ensure your success in 2014 and beyond. What better CONSCIOUS, COMMITTED DECISION to make than to provide yourself with a leg up on the New Year? The call is scheduled for Wednesday, January 8th at 8PM EST, with a replay option if you can't attend live. You'll need to click here to register either way though so act fast!

Alright, friends, I'm going to sign off now so I can go take my own advice and get started on my 3-step super success strategy for 2014. Happy New Year!!

With love and inspiration (and hot anticipation about this year to come),


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Get shit done.

WOW. I spent the last three days in a retreat with my business coach and nine of her other private clients. I can't think of another time since I started my business when I've been more inspired, productive and efficient. Over those three days I was able to do the following:

 Yes, I talk with my hands. You can take the girl outta New York...

  • Firm up my new mission and vision for my business
  • Write a script for a video for my website
  • FILM that video for my website
  • Create an outline for my new method for welcoming clients into my community
  • Draft a new marketing strategy
  • Brainstorm a slew of new tools I can offer
  • Cultivate relationships with a dozen amazing women

All of these tasks have been on my to-do list for a while, but I haven't been able to make much progress with distractions and other excuses often getting in my way. So what was it that made these three days so motivating and productive for me? 

Commitments and deadlines. 

I walked into this retreat knowing there was a finite amount of time available for me to get things done, and even though I didn't know the agenda in advance (my coach likes for things to be a surprise), I knew I'd be presented with opportunities to really move the needle in my business. Knowing these opportunities would exist for me over those three days, I made a conscious commitment to make the most of my time there. I clearly understood the benefit that attending this retreat would provide to me and was acutely aware of WHY I was making that commitment.

Once the retreat began and I learned that my coach was going to provide us with an amazing opportunity to shoot a professional video for our websites, I realized the clock was ticking for me to get clear on my new mission and vision so I could write a cohesive script with a message that made sense by the time the camera started rolling. Deadlines are no joke. There was no time for me to say, "but first I have to do market research!" or, "wait, I've got to brainstorm and mind-dump and ask everyone and their mother their opinion first before I can decide on my new mission!"  There was a crew and a backdrop and a camera waiting upstairs for me to get in front of whether I was really "ready" or not.

The biggest take-aways for me from this experience were that in order for me to be productive I really DO need a deadline with some level of accountability attached to it, and if I intend to stand by my commitments I have to know WHY I'm agreeing to them to begin with.

I guess I can be somewhat wishy-washy with some of my own deadlines when the only person they're impacting is ME. When someone else is counting on me for something, I'm all over it like the Broncos on gameday. But if I'm the only one who will suffer from my lack of follow-through, I tend to let myself off the hook and allow my commitments and deadlines to slide. Especially when I'm not crystal clear on WHY I'm committing to them to begin with.


Do you ever find this happening to you too?



Maybe it plays out something like this:

  • You've got this fantastic idea for a new business and make a decision to spend an evening after work brainstorming how to get it off the ground, but then that evening rolls around and you're too tired to think about it so it becomes another "when I've got some time" idea


  • You decide to begin a workout routine because you "should" be exercising regularly, but if a friend isn't waiting for you to meet them at the gym week after week, you might show up in the locker room a couple of times before getting "too busy" to go back


  • You decide that the book that's inside of you is just dying to come out, so you set up a schedule to start writing every morning, but after the first couple of mornings you find that you get distracted by things happening around you (internet, kids, work stuff creeping in, etc.) so the book gets shuffled to the back of your brain again


Does any of this sound familiar?


So what can we do to shore up those commitments to ourselves and ensure we actually get shit done? Here's what I'm committing to, starting today; I'm calling it the Stopwatch Challenge and I invite you to join me in it too.


The Stopwatch Challenge


For the next two weeks, whenever there's a task to accomplish, commit to doing the following:

  • Look at the tasks that need to get done and have a dialogue with yourself around exactly WHY it's so important to check them off your list. If any "shoulds" show up in that WHY Analysis, rethink your commitment


  • Once you know the WHY behind your tasks, you can really make a commitment to completing them


  • Then, when it comes time to jump into them, set a stopwatch (I've got a great, built-in app on my phone) for between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on the complexity of the task. Why 15 - 45 minutes and not longer? Because a short interval like that is MUCH easier to commit to than telling yourself to sit still for an hour or more. Be realistic with yourself so you can make a realistic commitment 


  • From there you need to REALLY commit to allowing no distractions during that stopwatch interval


  • Then dive in head-first and complete as much of the task as you possibly can during that 15-45 minute window

I tried this for the first time this morning with two separate tasks and got SO much done, I actually surprised myself. By understanding WHY I was committed to completing these things (this morning it was because moving my business forward is critical to the short-term plans my husband and I have), and then giving myself a real, FINITE deadline within which to complete them, I felt compelled to make progress.  In fact, I'd set my timer for 15 minutes for each task and ended up working for well over 30 minutes on each one. Don't be surprised if this happens to you too.

So, are you in?


Two weeks and a handful of to-do's on your list just waiting to be crossed off; what have you got to lose?

Tell me in the comments below what your biggest to-do priority is that you plan on accomplishing during the Stopwatch Challenge, and also share your WHY for taking it on. I can't wait to see what you guys are working on! 

If you need a little extra motivation towards achieving your goals or knocking shit off your to-do list, consider taking advantage of a free 30-minute A-to-B Strategy session with me. 

Click here to learn more and get one on the calendar.


(Then you can finally cross it off your to-do list!)

With love and inspiration (and a new appreciation for deadlines!) 


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