How to get what you want in life WITHOUT WAITING

So apparently moving across the country, completely shifting the focus of your business, and quitting a ten-year corporate "bridge job" really throws a wrench in the consistent communications works.

The good news is that my team and I have found our rhythm again, and our new(-ish) direction means that our ongoing content will be even better than before. Yeah!

And this week I've got an awesome, totally FREE, resource for you to kick things off. 

But first, a quick update on what's been going on these last few months:

As I've mentioned in some previous posts, my husband and I moved from Denver to the Central Coast of California in late May... Just because we wanted to.

It made no logical sense at the time. We'd had a plan in place to get here eventually, but our hearts kept pulling and pulling at us so we finally took the leap.

And you know what?

When we allowed ourselves to experience the things NOW that we were striving to have LATER, everything changed.

  • I (FINALLY!) got clear on my business mission

  • An outrageous corporate partnership opportunity appeared out of nowhere

  • Dream clients started showing up in droves

  • I quit my corporate day job to focus on Strategy Ninja-ing full time

All this amazing stuff (and more) showed up simply because we listened to our intuitions and followed our hearts. It's funny how that works, right?

We spend all this time making goals and working so hard to attain them. 

We visualize the end result.

We plot our detailed course to get us there.

We check things off to-do lists every day. 

But it never occurs to us that we might be able to experience it RIGHT NOW, just because we DECIDE TO. 

No waiting. No planning. No to-do-ing.


Pretty empowering, right? 

By giving ourselves permission to have it NOW, Tom and I shifted our vibe from "working hard and waiting" to "RECEIVING AND READY FOR MORE".

What are YOU waiting to receive that you could give yourself RIGHT NOW?

You don't have to make a huge, life-changing decision like moving across the country to start experiencing the magic either. 

Small decisions and commitments in the direction of your dream will work nicely too. 

The trick is to allow yourself to experience the things you're working towards in the present moment. Empower yourself to have this stuff RIGHT NOW instead of LATER, so you can shift your transistors from "WAITING AND HOPING" to "ALREADY RECEIVING".

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Just give yourself permission & DECIDE your dream is already yours. Then the magic shows up to make it so. 

So, I'll ask again... what are you waiting to receive that you could give yourself right now?

Comment below and declare it out loud.

And double points if you post it on my Facebook page too to get a little Ninja Accountability attached to it.

Before I forget, on to the FREE stuff I promised!

I created a new set of resources to go along with the Strategy Ninja focus, called the Ninja Toolkit. It's my best stuff for creating kick-ass strategy and launching your offerings effectively. Click here to grab it now. (And feel free to take a look around at the new website while you're at it!)

OK! I'm off to take a walk in the sun in the middle of the morning. Because feeling relaxed and joyful like a retiree is a goal of mine. And I'm DECIDING to experience it right now. 

Can't wait to read what you're DECIDING to bring into your life too.

With love and throwing stars,

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PS... I've got LOTS of fun tricks up my sleeve for the coming weeks with Dear Ninja, including more FREE resources, so stay tuned, tell your friends, and visit often! xo

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