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I'm guessing all the newsletters you subscribe to or websites you visit with some regularity are going to be referencing Thanksgiving and the idea of expressing gratitude this week, so as I pondered what to write about today I thought I'd take a different approach.

I thought maybe I'd write about taking your time when tackling your to-do list, or being kind to yourself on your BIG Vision journey, or how simply changing your thoughts can change your whole life.

You see, it's really important to me to bring you valuable content each week. I spend a lot of time thinking about the messages I want to share so that you'll get the most out of them and have, at your fingertips, information that's helpful, useful and can be applied to your life immediately if you so choose.

I didn't want to add to the fodder of the usual, "it's Thanksgiving so let's all remind ourselves to give thanks this week" stuff that shows up on the internet this time of year. Don't get me wrong, I think any reminder to express gratitude is a good one, and something we need to see more of, but I want to ensure that what you read here is unique and relevant to your life.

So I thought about all of that, weighed my options, and then I decided to write about gratitude anyway.

One of the most important lessons I've learned in my adult life is that the absolute fastest way to manifest my goals, especially those that have been monumental and life-changing, is to express gratitude for where I am right now. Even if the difference between "now" and "BIG Vision" seems like transversing the Iditarod barefoot with a busted sled and a crew of dachshunds instead of huskies, by simply finding ONE thing for which you can be thankful, that 1,000 mile gap can close in no time.

So what is it about giving thanks that supercharges your magical powers of manifestation? (Please don't issue me a "woo-woo" citation here, but it really does feel like magic sometimes when I remember that it's working...)

Expressing gratitude brings you directly into the present moment.

When you take notice of the world in which you live RIGHT NOW and can point to something (ANYTHING) that you can be grateful for, you're not hanging out in the past or the future. You're experiencing life right where you are at that moment in time. And by focusing on the present and feeling good about it too, you're sending a 10,000 volt energy wave out into the universe that says, "Here I am, and I really dig where I am, so feel free to send me more stuff to feel grateful for anytime now!"

OK, so now you may be thinking, "yeah, Amy, that's all well and good when my life is on the right track. But what about when everything sucks?"

I know what you mean. There are definitely times in life when things don't go as planned, or when you run across an unexpected bump or twist in the road. Jobs can suck. Relationships can be hard. We can all be lonely from time to time. We experience loss and pain and all the things that make it really tricky to see the butterflies and roses and rainbows in life. But here's your reality check:

There is always something you can find to be grateful for. ALWAYS.

Even if you've chased your worst-case scenario all the way down the rabbit hole to its ugliest end in your reality, if you're still breathing and able to read this, there's something you can find to express thanks about.

I'm not saying that living out your worst-case scenario wouldn't potentially be painful, nor that you wouldn't be entitled to feel bad about it either. What I am saying though is that even in our darkest moments we have an opportunity to find gratitude.

Maybe you're grateful for clean sheets on your bed.

Or because you've got a job at all, even if it's not your dream job.

Or because there is at least one person in your life who cares about you (and likely many more than that.)

Or maybe you're even grateful for the shitty experience you're having now because it reminds you how strong you are, how you always make it through tough times in life unscathed, and that there are always great lessons to be learned through hardship.

Dogface is grateful for the little things, like his sunny spot.

Expressing gratitude doesn't have to be a big, profound experience. It can be, but doesn't HAVE to be. Just start with the little, obvious things around you at first, and you can move on from there.

Remember, simply paying attention and noticing that there are things in your life worth being thankful for puts you right in the present moment, ready to notice and receive more things for which you can be thankful.

Like a magnet or a boomerang, sending that gratitude out, even for the smallest thing, preps you to get it back tenfold.

So, are you ready to receive?

What are you grateful for this week? Tell us in the comments below (yes, even if it's just a great breakfast sandwich you had this morning...)

And if you like what you're reading over here at, please share with your friends. You'll get a BIG bunch of gratitude from me if you do! :)

With love and inspiration (and excessive gratitude for YOU, as always!),


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