The Fastest Way to Shut Down Your Inner Critic...

Since becoming a mama last summer, lots of things have changed. (Big surprise, right?)
With August crawling around the house, one of the things that's shifted the most is how I manage my time.
Today (with the help of my superhero copywriter husband, Tom) I managed to bend time in such a way that baby was taken care of, clients were taken care of, I was taken care of, and miraculously I had time enough to update my blog, hooray!
I made it all work because I felt called to share a really killer insight I've learned recently.
Over the last 10 weeks I've had the good fortune of having a whole series of ridiculously insightful conversations and experiences with some ridiculously brilliant and passionate people. 
And the outcome of those conversations and experiences feels like a whole new me.
So for YOUR benefit, I want to share the highlights of what I've figured out.
My hope is that these insights may inspire a similar wellspring of possibility and potential to bubble up within you like it has within me.
I also hope to be able to bend time again over the next few weeks and share a few more of these wisdom bombs I've learned, so fingers are crossed you'll see a little more of me in the coming weeks.
Read on, enjoy, and as always, I'd love to hear your feedback so don't hesitate to comment below and let me know if this stuff is helpful.
If we're friends on the Facebook then you might have seen a video I posted recently about what to do when you feel stuck. If you missed it, here's the Cliff Notes on it.
I was feeling a little bit off my mojo the other day for no reason in particular.
And what I noticed specifically about this "off" feeling was that my inner critic was creeping in to get my knickers in a twist.
You know what that's like right? That little voice inside your head that likes to remind you of all the things you need to be afraid of, all the reasons why you suck in general...
The reason I noticed it was there to begin with is because that mojo of mine had been so consistently ON lately that hearing anything other than kick-ass, rockin', amazing stuff in my head was completely out of the ordinary.
Of course, I wanted to shut the inner critic up as fast as I could.
As I set out to do that I thought back on what I'd been doing differently lately that allowed for the kick-ass, rockin', amazing stuff to take up so much real estate in my head.
The weeks preceding this little "off" moment had found me spending as much time as possible in service to others with my gifts.
So I went to work doing more of that as fast as I could.
As a means to serve with my gift and spin my mojo back up to max RPMs, I ended up recording 20 short videos for friends and clients telling them why I think they're so awesome.
You see, my gift is that I see YOU and your ideas in the fullest expression of your greatest potential RIGHT NOW, and I can't wait to reflect that vision back to you and the world. These videos did that for these lucky folks.
I felt great doing it, they felt great receiving it, and my inner critic went back into hibernation again instantly.
Now you may be wondering, why did it work so fast?
I'll answer your question with a couple more questions:
1. When your inner critic is talking to you, who are you focused on?
2. And what about when you're serving with your gifts?
(Answer key: 1. = you, 2. = others)
Yep, when our inner critic is messing with our heads, all we're thinking about is ourselves.
Even if it feels like we're not because we're thinking about things like "my family is counting on me" or "I'm not giving enough value to my clients", those thoughts are really all about good ol' Numero Uno not measuring up.
But when you're serving with your gifts, you take the focus off yourself and put it squarely on OTHER.
It's nearly impossible to be doing good for others and still hear that mean little voice in your head, especially when you're tapping into the highest expression of yourself and your gifts.
So, the next time you're feeling stuck, low, or off your mojo like I was, SERVE.
And if you can incorporate your genius into your service, you'll create a magnetic pull that brings that fullest expression of you at your best right to you, front and center.
How does that sound?
You can thank me later... ;)

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