7-figure advice for beating resistance

You know that feeling you get when you've got shit to do that's gonna move you forward in a big, BIG way but you "just don't wanna"?


You know perfectly well that making that phone call, hitting the gym, writing that blog post, whatever the activity is that's going to maintain that momentum, is necessary to your success.

But you just don't wanna.

Ick, it's so annoying, isn't it?

Wouldn't it be great to leave that inconsistency behind once and for all?

Good news! This week I'm sharing a resource from one of my most influential mentors that will help you make lasting change in your business and life and beat resistance away with a big ol' stick.

Before we dive into his goods, let me start out by saying that Todd Herman is a F-ing genius. 

Seriously. (I tell him all the time so don't worry that he'll blush reading this, btw...)

As a 7-figure performance coach to Olympic and professional athletes, billionaire executives, and even the Spanish royal family, this guy knows his shit. He was mentored by the great Jim Rohn, has worked all over the world teaching international leaders and teams, and somehow still manages to find time to kick back and enjoy a root beer with his beautiful wife and two adorable little girls.

Most recently, he launched his enormously successful 90 Day Year program that took a group of about 350 entrepreneurs through his proven playbook to improve their business performance.  (BTW, I thank my lucky stars every day that I found that program and was smart enough to join at the end of last year.)

Todd's influence completely shifted the trajectory for my business. COMPLETELY.

In fact, much of what I've been inspired to share recently has been in some way related to Todd's wisdom, especially the content in my Get It Done! download

So since we've been talking a lot about "finishing" these last few weeks, I felt compelled to share some value directly from the Canadian's mouth. 

Check out Todd on Marie Forleo's MarieTV episode below and grab some of that genius for yourself. (See below the video for a quick recap if you prefer reading to watching...)

So let's recap...

Here's what Todd has to say about beating resistance, changing your life or business, and making it stick. 

1. Have a vision that's clear and specific

This one isn't new (especially if we've been hanging out together for a while) but Todd really drives the point home about how important it is to be specific about that vision. 

2. Set Trigger goals

These are micro-goals that help you achieve the bigger goal you're after. For example, at the end of each day make your plan for tomorrow's day. Trigger goals should be super easy to accomplish like this one is so you can accumulate lots of small wins and build the sense of accomplishment over time.

3. Set Improvement goals  

These are goals tied to specific metrics. For example, "I'll bring in five new private clients in the next 30 days." You've got a specific metric (five private clients) over a specific timeframe (30 days). It might also look like, "I'll go from attending one networking event each month to one each week by June 30th" to show the improvement from one per month to one per week. By tracking specific metrics you're EXPONENTIALLY more likely to achieve what you set out to do, so just go ahead and do it, K?

4. Gather a tribe

We all need support around us, but entrepreneurs especially need this. We get stuck in our own heads while we're off changing the world and need outside perspective to keep us on track. Todd's mentor, Jim Rohn, posited that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. So if your intention is to grow your business, succeed, and make a big impact, is your community aligned with those goals too? Are they helping you grow or keeping you stagnant? Take a look around and consider leveling up if the time's come for an upgrade...

5. Script your setbacks

Scripting your setbacks is all about having a plan for when resistance inevitably creeps in. What are you going to do when the activity you've committed to for driving things forward all of a sudden gets that icky feeling again? If you know in advance what your action plan will be when you catch yourself procrastinating, you'll know exactly what to do to beat that resistance before it takes hold. For me this looks like having a reminder of my BIG WHY, my larger purpose, posted where I can see it so when I get the "but I don't wanna" feeling, I'm instantly reminded why I actually DO wanna. And so I go do that thing that I might have otherwise resisted doing.

Good stuff right?

If you want some more good stuff to reinforce Todd's smarts from above, click below to grab my free PDF, Get It Done! 10 Secrets to Finish That Project.


If you like this, stay tuned for even more good stuff later this week when I pop back with an exciting announcement and some REALLY KILLER content.

(Hint: it may even feature a little more of that #HermanGenius...) 

Lots of love,


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