Easy Launch Strategy - Steps 2 and 3!

How long is your to-do list?

Does it resemble a copy of the yellow pages for the greater New York area?

I know with the advent of the Google, the term "yellow pages" may be somewhat hard to identify with these day, but suffice it to say I'm suggesting your to-do list is REALLY LONG. 

Well, if it's overwhelming too, I've got your solution.

This week's video is number 2 in my series taking us through my new cheat sheet, 7 Steps to the Easiest Launch Ever, and it's all about identifying your BIG Rocks and Little Tasks. (If you missed video 1, click here to check it out.)

Here's the secret: BIG Rocks and Little Tasks are your KEY to efficiency and avoiding overwhelm.

Watch below to find out why...

So remember that finding your BIG Rocks (or milestones) and your Little Tasks are interchangeable steps. Whatever your brain wants to tackle first is fine but make sure you've got both in your project to avoid that nasty overwhelm that creeps in so easily.

Here's your Ninja Tip of the week:

A strategy with 3-4 BIG Rocks on it feels way more doable than a to-do list a million miles long...  -@AmyBBirks

Can I get an "amen" to that? (If you're "amen-ing" in front of your phone or laptop screen, how about you hop over to Twitter and tweet that Ninja Tip out to the Twitter-verse?)

OK, so how's YOUR launch going? Are you feeling any of that nasty overwhelm setting in? Do you have any questions about how to maximize that handy-dandy new cheat sheet of yours?

Don't get stuck in the weeds! Drop comments or questions below and I'll respond with Ninja speed.

In case you haven't downloaded it yet, or you're eager to share the love with your friends, here's that link again to grab the 7 Steps to the Easiest Launch Ever cheat sheet. Let's all get on the Easy Launch train together, shall we?

See you next week for Steps 4 and 5; Prioritizing and Finding Connections!

With love and inspiration,


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