7 Steps to the Easiest Launch Ever

So tell me. How did your last product/offering launch go?

I'm not just asking about the results... No, I'm talking about the planning, the pulling together, the "doing" of it. How'd that go?

I can't tell you how many conversations I've had with other entrepreneurs over the last few months where they've shared how overwhelming it can be to figure out how to launch a new offering effectively. 

They start out super jazzed about their new idea but end up deflated by the time they share it with the world because they just don't understand the "how" behind an effective launch.

It kills me to see such talented people draining themselves over the "hows" of launching stuff when they could (or rather SHOULD) be spending that energy on creating more of those awesome offerings they're losing their marbles over not knowing how to launch.

That's where a Strategy Ninja comes in handy...

I mentioned last week that I'd created a new cheat sheet (under deadline) to help entrepreneurs with launching their offerings. Well, this week I'm releasing the first in a series of four videos dedicated to walking through that cheat sheet in detail.

Grab your 7 Steps to the Easiest Launch Ever cheat sheet right here and then follow along with video 1 below to grab some additional insight into how to launch your next offering easily AND effectively.

Here's your Ninja Tip of the week:

A goal that's bigger than you and your own needs is REALLY powerful. AND it draws powerful things to you... - @AmyBBirks

OK, so how'd I do?

Am I meeting my goals of providing you some value?

Is the cheat sheet helping you feel less overwhelmed about tackling a launch alongside this video series?

Are you super excited to share the cheat sheet with your friends?

Comment below and let me know how I'm doing... I really love the feedback.

If you haven't downloaded the 7 Steps to the Easiest Launch Ever cheat sheet yet, you can grab it for free here. And don't forget to share that link with other entrepreneurs you know that could use a little help with their next launch too.

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Stay tuned for next week's video on steps 2 and 3, Finding the BIG Rocks and Listing Tasks. (I promise the video is WAY more fun than those titles make it sound...)

With love and inspiration,


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