Easy Launch Strategy - Steps 4 and 5!

Welcome back to the third installment of my Easy Launch Strategy video series!

This week's video provides insight into steps 4 and 5 from my FREE cheat sheet, 7 Steps to the Easiest Launch Ever, which cover Setting Priorities and Finding Connections. 

Man, I've been on priority-setting and connection-finding overload this week prepping a new offering I'm getting ready to launch myself, so this video was a great reminder to me to take my own advice! 

You know, setting priorities is critical to your launch so you can be certain you're getting things done in the right order and most efficiently. 

It takes a lot for me to release my inner "Type A With Perfectionist Tendencies" but setting priorities really helps me do that.

Prioritizing ensures you don't waste time on tasks that aren't critical to the success of the project.

Knowing what tasks are connected to one another is equally important since some tasks may be contingent on others to complete first.

In the video below I give an example from the launch of the 7 Steps cheat sheet to help illustrate how all this works.

I also sing a little song. 

Click below to get your laugh of the day out of the way at my expense. It's my pleasure to provide you with my less than stellar musical stylings as a means to brighten your Monday morning.

Here's your Ninja Insider Tweet of the Week:

Ask yourself, "what's most important to the success of this project?" then do that thing first. -@AmyBBirks

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Comment below! How's your launch going? And how does this one compare to prior launches you've embarked upon?

If you missed the video for step 1, grab it here, and if you missed the video for steps 2 and 3, find that one here.

See you next week in our final video on Steps 6 and 7, Making Commitments and Gettin' Busy!

With love and inspiration,


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