Eliminate Resistance in 3 Easy Steps

As you may have noticed, Inspiration Monday is coming to you on a Wednesday this week. 

I'm blaming resistance.

What's resistance, you ask? Ah, well it comes in many insidious forms all with the intent to distract you from getting shit done.

For me it showed up looking like boredom, internet-preoccupation, hunger, and sleepiness. Pretty much anything that I could do to avoid working on the video was an activity set loose by resistance.

But I've got a new 3-step plan for managing it! Watch below to learn more...

Here's your Rebel Professional Tip of the Week:

"The power to take charge was in my hands. All I had to do was believe it." @SPressfield via @AmyBBirks

That Steven Pressfield is my new favorite author. Between the Art of War and Turning Pro, I'm kicking this resistance thing to the curb for GOOD. 

OK, your turn to share! Where is resistance showing up in your business and life? And how do you feel about surrendering to it a little bit in order to help move it right along? Comment below and let me know.

I'd also love to hear what you think about the new look of things over here at AmyBirks.com!

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With love and inspiration,


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