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Mercury has been in retrograde the last few weeks, which tends to mean that we're more apt to run into communication and technology issues than at other times throughout the year. My experience with Mercury retrograde this go around has been par for the course, which is why the fun new stuff I promised to release this week isn't quite available yet... More to come on that soon (Mercury willing.)

In the meantime, I decided to provide a great list of some of my favorite resources that I've been leaning on lately for things like practical tools, logistical advice, and inspiration (of course!) Most of them are related to staying focused and on track towards achieving your dreams, which is definitely what I need right now. I'm inclined to think that if their websites are bringing me value right now they're likely to do the same for you. Enjoy!

Amy's Favorite Resources This Week:

Focused Intention - my new method for getting shit done

Focused Intention - my new method for getting shit done

  • If you haven't heard of Marie Forleo yet, jump in here RIGHT NOW. She's the inspiration for the business I plan to build and provides some of the most valuable, FREE, business and life-enhancing material available. She's sassy, classy, and she absolutely knows her shit. This week's MarieTV video is a terrific ode to staying focused. Simple and helpful; great stuff, as usual!
  • What I love about this article from the Harvard Business Review, and author Heidi Grant Halvorson, is this quote:  “Who says you need to wait until you ‘feel like’ doing something in order to start doing it?” The author gives great tips for how to make yourself get shit done even when you just don't want to do it, and this "feel like it" tip is my favorite. Sometimes we just have to make a decision to do the thing whether we want to or not. Take the feelings out of it and get that locomotive moving!

  • Licia Morelli is a new acquaintance I've made recently and I'm really enjoying her content. This week, her "Daily Blip" is short and sweet but a terrific reminder, nonetheless, about what happens when we release a breath of fear and inhale some love and knowledge in its place. I needed this reminder this afternoon, for sure. Try reading this without taking a deep breath; I dare you...
  • My dear friend in the UK, Michelle Lowbridge, wrote a hilarious and dead-on accurate article about setting intentions and having faith. Since my mantras this week have been around "focused intention" and "structured faith", her Headless Leprechauns article was right up my alley. (Trust me, the title is only the beginning of the gigglefest you'll get out of it.) 
  • Selena Soo is becoming one of my favorite go-to resources for all things publicity and relationship-building related. When I read her recent article on The Daily Worth, I was only midway through step 1 of 5 before I'd already uttered an audible, "AMAZING!" with reference to her fantastic first tip for gaining credibility. I'm crafting my new "elevator speech" as I type this; thank you Selena!
  • Speaking of "building relationships", this article by Charles Green is fantastic if you're looking for some practical tips for building trust, quickly. My favorite piece from this article is his suggestion to "trust your gut".  Charlie says, "Our “gut” is capable of very sensitive, discriminating and highly accurate judgment..."  This statement reminded me of the way I found, and subsequently hired, my own coach and how quickly I was able to trust and see value in what she would ultimately provide for me and my business. It only took watching a few short videos that added tons of value for free for me to decide that she was "my person", and I've never second-guessed that decision for an instant. Have you ever had that feeling? Like your gut just knew exactly the thing you were supposed to do even if logic might tell you otherwise? Yeah, those are the trust-goods.
  • Yet another dear friend, Danielle Watson, makes her way into my roundup this week. (How lucky am I to have so many insightful, awesome friends in my life??) Danielle's article about keeping on course and moving in the direction of your desires is a terrific reminder for those of us who tend to get hung up in all the, "but first I've got to..." rationalizing that plagues us in life.  According to Danielle, "The key to fulfilling your desires is having the courage to move in the direction of them." Agreed!
  • I've saved the last Resource Roundup spot this week for my colleague and amazing coach, Darla LeDoux. Her video blog this week is all about the two things entrepreneurs can always create; our own economy and our own family. I can attest to what Darla's talking about in this video firsthand (and this roundup speaks to that creating our own family thing too, for sure). I'll also say that whether or not you're an entrepreneur, this video will resonate with you. 

OK! What do you think? Good stuff? Helpful stuff? Worthy of a share? If you said, "hell yes!" to any of those questions, pay it forward and pass along these resources to your friends.

And if you're feeling in your gut like you'd like to spend some time with me and Darla in-person, and get out of your comfort zone to an amazing pool in Las Vegas, consider coming to Darla's upcoming event, AlignIt Live! March 27th - 29th. If you'd like to attend but you're concerned about the price of the ticket, I've got an opportunity to offer a handful of scholarship tickets to the event. Email me at InspireMe (at) for details...  

With love and inspiration (and a sense of relief that you're still going to get this newsletter in your inbox on Monday!),


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