Resource Roundup

It's been a while since I've shared some awesome resources, hasn't it?

My network is broad, and spans the globe (pretty cool, right?), so when I've got friends and colleagues doing kick-ass things, I love (LOVE) getting the opportunity to act as the connection point from them to you.

I'll admit, it's mostly selfish of me because there's little else I like more than getting credit for being the person who brings two amazing people together to do amazing things.

"Amy, that was the best experience ever! I'm forever in your debt for making that connection!", they usually gush.

Yeah, that feels nice...

Anyway, this week I'm sharing the work of some of my most favorite people. I receive no affiliate kickbacks for providing this info here (other than aforementioned gushing) so please know that I share this with you because I know firsthand just how valuable these resources are.

Let me know if you hook up with anyone or anything listed below. I'd love to know how (obviously awesome) your experience was! 

Free Webinar Recording From Yours Truly

Last week I kicked off my Year of Experiments (more on that in the recording and in an upcoming blog post) with a totally free webinar about dismantling overwhelm and actually getting shit done. It's less than an hour and takes you through a quick three-step process to eliminate overwhelm and get organized so you can actually take some action on your never-ending to-do list. 

Grab that recording here for free. (PS... did I mention that it's free?)

The Super Fly Collection - Free Biz Resource Bundle

Celia Ward-Wallace is the most soulful entrepreneur I know. She's a client of mine and a kick-ass life and business coach. I've had the honor of supporting her and her business over the last four months and am even more excited to be a featured "expert" on Team Super Fly in this collection of resources she's offering completely FREE. There are meditations, practical business tools, PDF downloads and more, all intended to help you move your business forward in a BIG way. This is (no joke) the best collection of small business resources I've ever seen bundled together, not to mention for FREE.

Grab your FREE Super Fly Collection here now. (Yes, do it NOW.)

Ready for Revolutionary Wealth?

Michelle Lowbridge is not only a brilliant, innovative kinesiologist, she also happens to be one of my very best friends. Her work helping people create Revolutionary Wealth by eliminating their upper limit problems permanently is nothing short of miraculous. It's truly magical and gets RESULTS. In my first few weeks in her program I manifested my first ever five-figure month. Other clients of hers have manifested 5-figure paydays, national awards, high-level speaking gigs, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. If you're feeling at all stuck in your life or business, or like you just wish bringing money in could be a *little bit* easier, check out Michelle's Prosperity Prescription group. I hope to see you in there!

Your Revolutionary Wealth awaits. (Go get yours...)

Ever Wish You Had a Muse in Your Pocket?

I do all the time. And thank goodness I've got Danielle Watson, the Pocket Muse, on speed-dial. If you need a name or tagline for your new program, or want a catchy moniker (ahem, like The Strategy Ninja) for yourself, or just need someone to be your idea girl for a few minutes, call Danielle STAT. I don't know about you, but when it comes to my own business, innovating is sometimes tricky. We're too close to it so it's hard to see what exciting, new things we could create. For Danielle, it's a piece of cake.

Check out the Pocket Muse here. (PS... she ROCKS.)

Need a Minute to Reconnect?

If you've ever felt a little disconnected (from the world, from your business, from yourself, etc.) you need Trish Kapinos. She's an expert at helping business owners (and others) reconnect through grounding and meditation. Her FREE Meditation Kit is a resource I lean on any time I need to get out of my head and focus on what really matters again. 

Grab it for FREE here. (Then get ready to bliss out!)

Is "Get a New Website" On Your Resolution List?

Talk to my girl Laura Husson. She and her team do A-MAZING things to help some of the best entrepreneurs in the biz get their online presence looking fab. She's got room for a handful of new clients before the end of the year (and I'm hoping those slots haven't booked by the time I share this with you!) so reach out to her ASAP to get that website of yours in order in time for champagne and your first round of Old Lang Syne. 

Find out more about Laura here. (Or email her NOW at Laura (at) LauraHusson (dot) com to grab one of those last few 2014 website slots.)

Pssst... CLICK HERE to grab your FREE Ninja Toolkit!