A Success Story to Start the Week

We all need to hear some good news from time to time, right? This week, I thought I'd share a great success story from one of my clients to give all of us a little hope and inspiration that even our biggest BIG Visions can become our reality.

Wendy Wolff had dreamt her whole life of being a writer. A fantastic communicator, grant writer, and community organizer, she never felt empowered to write from her heart and share that gift with the world. All of that changed, however, when she lost her sister in a tragic accident three years ago. That loss catalyzed her desire to say the things she needed to say in life before it was too late to say them.

And so began The Letter Writing Project.

LWP cover photo.jpg

Wendy and I have known each other for decades and have helped one another through more life changes than either one of us can count. When she decided to hire me as her coach, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her in a more structured capacity to help her achieve her dream of being published.

When we started working together, the first draft of her book, The Letter Writing Project, was complete and with an editor in review. Wendy was feeling ready for it to be in the world already and needed some clarity about what her next steps could be to make that possible.

What was revealed over time, however, was that her BIG Vision wasn't just that the book would be published. Wendy saw that it could become a movement to help inspire people to share their messages with the world in a healing and loving way.

To Wendy, this idea felt HUGE and unattainable. How was she supposed to create a revolutionary movement to get people to open their hearts and share their feelings in letters? She was just one person with an idea. This was going to be her first book. She felt she had no notoriety outside of her strategic planning consulting business, so how could she ever expect to get masses of people to be moved by The Letter Writing Project?

But I saw her vision clearly. 

I saw Wendy signing books with lines of people waiting to meet her.

I saw her leading workshops all over the world where people left feeling healed and loved.

I saw her giving a keynote speech at a TED event whose video then goes viral.

I even saw her visiting Oprah on Super Soul Sunday!

So my excitement started to grow. And with that growing excitement, as often happens when a client tells me what they're after, my wheels started turning with ideas and tactics and possibilities for helping Wendy turn all of that into a reality.

Over the next few months, we continued to work together on things like marketing strategies, unique publishing ideas, and action planning. Much of our work, however, tended to center around holding that vision and building Wendy's belief in just how possible it was to create it. 

A wise, beautiful friend of mine recently used a term that I LOVED that really makes sense in the context of the work that I do with my clients. She talked about "borrowing someone else's belief" in order to shore up your own.

Borrow someone else's belief.

Good stuff right? In my opinion, that's one of the best benefits I bring to my relationships with my clients. My only focus when we're working together is YOUR vision, YOUR goal, YOUR endgame.

And the same was true with Wendy. So I held her vision and reminded her of it when fear, overwhelm, or doubt got in the way of her seeing its inevitability as clearly as I did.

This week, Wendy was nominated and chosen to be the featured Woman of Vision in On Purpose Women magazine. She was also invited to be the keynote speaker at a women's luncheon in New York to conduct her first official Letter Writing Project workshop. The Letter Writing Project is at the publisher and is scheduled to be released, fittingly, on Valentine's Day. 

It's all starting for Wendy. These first few milestones are just the beginning of all the amazing things still to come for her. They're a perfect launch point, but also the best reminder that she's on the absolute right track and that her success and BIG Vision are guaranteed. Without her faith and belief in that inevitability, this road would look much different for her, without a doubt. 

Learn more about Wendy and The Letter Writing Project here and connect with her on Facebook here. I couldn't be more excited to see what else is getting ready to unfold for her and The Letter Writing Project movement.

So who's belief can you borrow?

We all have moments in life when our faith lags and our BIG Vision seems blurry and far, far away. Who can you look to that will hold your vision and keep you on the road to SuccessTown when you're feeling bogged down and overwhelmed? Tell us in the comments below.

And if working with me feels like a good fit for you to bring your BIG Vision into reality, click here now to book a discounted A to B Strategy Session with me. 

With love and inspiration (and my credit card ready to buy The Letter Writing Project as soon as it's out),


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