Where Do You Belong?

I spent three days this week at my quarterly retreat with my small business coach and her other private clients. I've written about these retreats before and how helpful they are to my growth as an entrepreneur, as well as my growth as an aligned, evolved human being.

And as I expected, this retreat did not disappoint.

What's amazing about these experiences is that my coach provides fantastic insight, helps promote breakthroughs, and creates a space for us to learn and grow. What I've learned is even more impactful than all of that, however, is the experience I have with the other women in the room. Beyond sharing her own genius with us, my coach has magnetically attracted a community of aligned entrepreneurs. This community is what keeps me energized and coming back for more.

As I reflect on the past three days, the idea of "community" got me thinking...

If you're at all familiar with my story then you know that for most of my life I felt mostly like an outsider, like I just didn't belong anywhere. I did my best to fit in, and had a handful of people in my life who I felt like really "got" me, but overall I just felt misunderstood and alone. My values were different, I always seemed to care more, I didn't really conform to the status quo, and I had an inherent knowing that I was destined to do MORE with my life than just get a degree, find a job, and work-work-work until I died.

It didn't occur to me until a year or two ago that maybe I wasn't the only person who felt this way...

Was it possible that there were others out there who saw things like I did and just wanted a community to call their own too?

Wishing a big Happy Birthday to my beautiful princess-cousin, Wendy, today too!

Wishing a big Happy Birthday to my beautiful princess-cousin, Wendy, today too!

So as I sat in that hotel conference room this week, surrounded by the exact perfect community of people who support my vision and remind me of my mission, it occurred to me that this was one place where I really, TRULY belong.

Making this distinction was also helpful because it allowed me to see the other places that I belong too; with my amazing husband and sweet dogface; laughing with my sisters (see evidence to the left); catching up with a couple of dear old friends; in the presence of some hand-selected, abundant-minded new ones; working with my own clients to help bring their dreams into reality, etc. 

Over the years, I've crafted all of these amazing opportunities to BELONG. Like my coach, I've magnetized people and experiences into my life that allow me to finally feel like I fit in someplace. I've created them around all the different things that I value, like volunteerism, making a smaller environmental impact, and helping others succeed, to name a few.

But what's most exciting is that I am also able to create that BELONGING for my clients.

If you're reading this you likely feel called to bigger things in your life, and also likely have felt a bit like an outsider at times, just like I did. What's fantastic about that is that simply because you're here, and because what I share speaks to you in some way, you've found a community automatically without even trying. 

So now I'd like to ask you, where else do you belong? 

  • When you look inward at your life, do you find those meaningful connections that fill you up, support your vision, and keep you moving in the direction of your goals?
  • Are there opportunities for you to feel that sense of community more often than not?
  • Do you feel understood?

I challenge you to stop for a moment and really think on those questions. Take a pause and evaluate where you fit in within the structure of the life you've created for yourself. It might feel a little strange to look at, and you might even get upset about what your answers reveal, but I say do it anyway. You'll likely find plenty of opportunities to feel grateful by the end of it too, so don't worry too much...

Just remember, we find the most amazing growth for ourselves when we identify those kinds of gaps in our lives.

Once we know those gaps exist, we're instantly empowered with the opportunity to make change for the better. I think that's pretty f-ing awesome, don't you?

If, in your evaluation, you find that you're in need of an infusion of support and belonging, and if you've wondered what it might be like to experience what I do when I spend three days with my coach and her community of aligned entrepreneurs, consider coming to her three-day event at the end of March.

Align It Live is going to be the perfect opportunity to really BELONG by surrounding yourself with a community of people who "get" you and will hold your vision even more vividly than you do. Early registration pricing is available now, so jump on it while you can. I'd love to see you there!

With love and inspiration (and a plane ticket to Las Vegas to book today),


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