11 Signs You're a Rebel Professional

If you've wandered around my website at any point, or if we've had an opportunity to connect one-on-one, you've probably noticed I use the term "Rebel Professional" when referring to my clients.

Rebel Professionals are awesome.

They have a vision for themselves and the world that includes all of us feeling empowered and fulfilled, with every day overflowing with freedom, fun and flexibility. They know they're intended to do MORE and aren't willing to wait "until" to enjoy life. They want to love life NOW.

So if you've ever wondered if you'd be in good company with me and my Rebel Professional clients and friends, read on for 11 signs that you'd fit right in here with us.

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   1. You're chained to your corporate job forty hours a week (minimum); and weekends, evenings and minimal vacation days never feel like enough time to regroup and feel whole again before jumping back into the grind   

   2. You’ve convinced yourself this works for you, that the success you’ve achieved makes it worthwhile, and that your job is even enjoyable at times, but there’s always this nagging feeling telling you that you’re missing something

   3. When you go out to lunch on the rare workdays you have or make time to do it, you see women in their yoga pants or jeans laughing, smiling and relaxed, and wonder what the hell they do for a living that they get to be hanging out, having fun at 11:30 on a Tuesday, and how do I get to do it too?

   4. While in meetings or on conference calls for your corporate gig, you daydream about doing something more fulfilling in your life; making an impact; living your life on a mission; just generally doing MORE

   5. The idea of waiting “until” (until retirement, until vacation, until the weekend) to actually enjoy life just doesn’t jive for you. You want to enjoy life NOW

   6. In spite of your success, at times you feel a bit like an outsider, like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, in your job and within society’s vision of what success is “supposed to” look like

   7. Since your successful corporate career doesn’t really MOVE you, you try to find inspiration and fulfillment outside of work, through activities like yoga, spiritual connection, volunteerism, even exploring self-employment exit strategies

   8. You have a vision or a feeling about what you want your life to look and feel like, but you’re overwhelmed by the idea of how to implement it so you stay where you are and hope for inspiration to strike eventually

   9. Freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment are ever present within your vision. You work from the beach; you take a month off to tour Europe; you wake up excited and energized to face each and every day; your mission moves you to do more, be more and feel more in your life, making an impact on the world around you

   10. You sense when fear may be holding you back from achieving your dreams but are decisive and committed to move forward anyway

   11. You’re here, right now, reading this. 

So, are you in the club? If at least a few of these signs resonated with you then you definitely are. Think you know someone else who's a Rebel Professional too? Share this article with them so they can be in league with us too.

It always feels better to know you've got a place to go where you belong, doesn't it?

With love and inspiration (and a Rebel Professional membership card waiting here with your name on it),


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