Your 7-Step Motivation Renovation

Knowing Spring is just around the corner keeps me motivated through Winter...

Alright, so we're just about two weeks into the New Year. Did you set some intentions for 2014 to make it a fantastic year, filled with fun, love and prosperity? Maybe you picked some specific goals to work towards, like feeling more fulfilled this year by creating more freedom in your life.

Whatever your intention is, and whether or not it's something you're focused on for the entire year, or if it's just your focus for this month, this week, or today, we can all use a little motivation renovation from time to time to keep us moving forward. Below are my seven favorite steps for kicking your motivation in gear to ensure success is yours no matter what you're going after.

Your 7-Step Motivation Renovation

      1. Know your "WHY"

If you've downloaded my Motivation Roadmap for the Rebel Professional, or have participated in one of my recent workshops, you'll know that understanding the "WHY" behind your goal is the foundation to your motivation. We all have reasons for going after our dreams and goals, whether they're to create more of something, less of something, or to impact ourselves or our loved ones in a positive way. Whatever your "WHY" might be, identify it, declare it, and keep it at the front of your mind to keep you moving forward when motivation lags.

      2. You gotta have FAITH

OK, I admit it. I'm a child of the 80's and when I hear George Michael I'm compelled to bop around my living room. That embarrassing revelation aside, having FAITH in your ultimate success is critical to staying motivated. Even when you're feeling down or like taking some action is the last thing you want to do in that moment, if you've got that unwavering FAITH to lean on, reminding you that you simply cannot fail, your drive to get busy will renew before you know it.

      3. Express gratitude EVERY DAY

I've talked about gratitude before so I won't belabor this one. It's a great reminder though. Noticing things in your life that you already have to be thankful for not only puts you in the present moment, but it also sends a supersonic vibe out into the universe that says, "OK, this rocks. Gimme more!" Paying attention to all the stuff you can be grateful for in your life keeps you in the mindset of CREATING. Motivation can't help but find you in that state of mind.

      4. Check yourself before you wreck yourself

As humans living in the 21st century we have a tendency to move through life on autopilot. Tip #4 is all about checking in with yourself from time to time as a way to stay connected to what's important. Sometimes we drift off into that auto mode without even realizing it, but with regular check-ins we can keep those moments at bay and ensure that we're constantly present. 

      5. Start your day with your "WHY"

If you wake up in the morning and set an intention to remind yourself of your "WHY", every action and decision you make for the rest of the day will be made in an effort to keep you on track to achieving that BIG Vision of yours. Trust me; it works.

      6. Give yourself permission

Sometimes we're too hard on ourselves. We're so committed to getting sh!t done to achieve our BIG Vision that we forget that we need, and deserve, to take breaks every now and then. Give yourself permission to do that. If you're not under a tight deadline, and your motivation has dematerialized, just tell yourself that it's OK to STOP. Maybe you stop for 15 minutes, or maybe you put your work aside for an entire week. You'll know what the right timeframe is, just make sure it's in alignment with you still achieving your goal and that it will give you enough time off to regroup, rest, and renew your energy and motivation.

      7. Reach out

Who in your life can you count on for support? We've all got someone, whether it's a partner, friend, loved one, or even a coach or mentor. Know who your support system includes and then go to them when you're feeling stuck. Let them provide counsel, give you an ear if you need to vet ideas, or even just a good hug to help turn your motivation around. 

Which step are you going to try first? I'll admit that in the midst of writing this I used #6 and gave myself permission to take a 20-minute break just because I knew I needed it. Comment below and let us know which ones you try and how they're working for you. Add your own Motivation Renovation ideas too! 

With love and inspiration (and permission to take the rest of the day off),


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