What if You Were Wrong?

What if you were wrong?

I’m not sure why, but this question materialized in my head this afternoon as I slid open my laptop to begin my Inspiration Monday story to you. Since I tend to follow my intuition to positive and fun ends, I figured we’d dive right into this little message from Source and see where it takes us.

So let’s ponder that question for a moment…

What if you were wrong… about your chosen career path?

What if you were wrong… about your opinion about another person, thing or idea?

What if you were wrong… about your own abilities to succeed or fail at the things that matter to you in life?

How would your life be different if you were wrong?

As a self-proclaimed Rebel Professional, I can tell you that I’ve felt wrong about each of these scenarios numerous times.

For example, my corporate career, while being tremendously successful and helpful in my life, was “wrong” in that it’s not really fulfilling for me. Even though I have a whole lot of freedom and flexibility, I’m not free to just decide on a random Tuesday that I’m going to drop what I’m doing and take the week off. While I can rationalize that I’m helping people in my corporate role, I know deep down that I’m not, or at least not in a way that would really be meaningful to me.

So, I was wrong. Now what?

Well, in reality there’s no such thing as “wrong”.

Everything we experience is designed to bring us to our highest good in the world in the form of opportunities for learning and growth.

This is absolutely true for me and my corporate gig.

Seeing yellow bicycles in my world around me reminds me just how NOT wrong I am.

Without this career of mine, I’d never have developed the implementation skills necessary to help my coaching clients bring their BIG Visions into reality. If I hadn’t managed a corporate team, I’d have missed out on the opportunity to learn to be a coach to begin with. Had I not followed this path and tried this corporate thing on, it would likely have taken me twice as long to figure out what my true calling really is.

So, I was wrong. And I’m grateful.

Here’s the thing. Without all of these “wrong” experiences to lead us on our own personal journeys, whether they’re “wrong” relationships, “wrong” jobs, or “wrong” decisions in general, we’d never end up where we are now. It’s all intended. It’s all perfect. It’s all exactly as it’s supposed to be, because if it wasn’t supposed to be this way, we wouldn’t be experiencing it to begin with. The timing is just right and we’re always on the right track, even when we feel a little bit lost along the way.

I think the reason why this idea of “what if you were wrong” came to me today is because we’re nearing the end of the year. This is a time for reflection and assessment for most of us, right? And oftentimes we tend to beat ourselves up over all the “wrong” choices we might have made throughout the year.

“Why didn’t I quit that stupid job and pursue my passion?”

“My resolutions never stick.”

“I haven’t accomplished anything this year!”

We’ve all been there…

But what if, instead of having that dialogue, this year you gave yourself permission to see the beauty and perfection in where this year has led you instead?

“Staying in this job that I don’t love is helping me get more and more clear about what it is I really DO want to do.”

“This year, instead of making ‘resolutions’, I’m making a committed decision to treat myself with love and kindness.”

“In 2013 I learned (insert all the amazing lessons you learned from the past year here…)”

This way we’re embracing all the “wrong”, taking away its power to make us feel like we failed somehow, and turning it into the empowered perfection we know it really is. What a gift to give yourself as this year comes to a close!

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