The Fastest Way to Shut Down Your Inner Critic...

Since becoming a mama last summer, lots of things have changed. (Big surprise, right?)
With August crawling around the house, one of the things that's shifted the most is how I manage my time.
Today (with the help of my superhero copywriter husband, Tom) I managed to bend time in such a way that baby was taken care of, clients were taken care of, I was taken care of, and miraculously I had time enough to update my blog, hooray!
I made it all work because I felt called to share a really killer insight I've learned recently.
Over the last 10 weeks I've had the good fortune of having a whole series of ridiculously insightful conversations and experiences with some ridiculously brilliant and passionate people. 
And the outcome of those conversations and experiences feels like a whole new me.
So for YOUR benefit, I want to share the highlights of what I've figured out.
My hope is that these insights may inspire a similar wellspring of possibility and potential to bubble up within you like it has within me.
I also hope to be able to bend time again over the next few weeks and share a few more of these wisdom bombs I've learned, so fingers are crossed you'll see a little more of me in the coming weeks.
Read on, enjoy, and as always, I'd love to hear your feedback so don't hesitate to comment below and let me know if this stuff is helpful.
If we're friends on the Facebook then you might have seen a video I posted recently about what to do when you feel stuck. If you missed it, here's the Cliff Notes on it.
I was feeling a little bit off my mojo the other day for no reason in particular.
And what I noticed specifically about this "off" feeling was that my inner critic was creeping in to get my knickers in a twist.
You know what that's like right? That little voice inside your head that likes to remind you of all the things you need to be afraid of, all the reasons why you suck in general...
The reason I noticed it was there to begin with is because that mojo of mine had been so consistently ON lately that hearing anything other than kick-ass, rockin', amazing stuff in my head was completely out of the ordinary.
Of course, I wanted to shut the inner critic up as fast as I could.
As I set out to do that I thought back on what I'd been doing differently lately that allowed for the kick-ass, rockin', amazing stuff to take up so much real estate in my head.
The weeks preceding this little "off" moment had found me spending as much time as possible in service to others with my gifts.
So I went to work doing more of that as fast as I could.
As a means to serve with my gift and spin my mojo back up to max RPMs, I ended up recording 20 short videos for friends and clients telling them why I think they're so awesome.
You see, my gift is that I see YOU and your ideas in the fullest expression of your greatest potential RIGHT NOW, and I can't wait to reflect that vision back to you and the world. These videos did that for these lucky folks.
I felt great doing it, they felt great receiving it, and my inner critic went back into hibernation again instantly.
Now you may be wondering, why did it work so fast?
I'll answer your question with a couple more questions:
1. When your inner critic is talking to you, who are you focused on?
2. And what about when you're serving with your gifts?
(Answer key: 1. = you, 2. = others)
Yep, when our inner critic is messing with our heads, all we're thinking about is ourselves.
Even if it feels like we're not because we're thinking about things like "my family is counting on me" or "I'm not giving enough value to my clients", those thoughts are really all about good ol' Numero Uno not measuring up.
But when you're serving with your gifts, you take the focus off yourself and put it squarely on OTHER.
It's nearly impossible to be doing good for others and still hear that mean little voice in your head, especially when you're tapping into the highest expression of yourself and your gifts.
So, the next time you're feeling stuck, low, or off your mojo like I was, SERVE.
And if you can incorporate your genius into your service, you'll create a magnetic pull that brings that fullest expression of you at your best right to you, front and center.
How does that sound?
You can thank me later... ;)

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You know you want one...

Remember what it was like to have a boss?

Most of us here in my community are entrepreneurs, so I’d venture to guess that the desire to NOT have a boss was one of the main reasons you decided to start your business in the first place.

I’m also pretty sure you’ve had some experience with a really bad boss or two in your day, just like I have.

You know, someone who gives Kevin Spacey’s character in Horrible Bosses a run for his money.

But have you ever had a really good boss?

Someone who was close enough to your work to give you much needed perspective, would challenge you to grow, and probably most often, just tell you what to do so you didn’t have to figure it out on your own.  

Ever had a boss like that?

I was lucky enough to have a few GREAT bosses over my last few years in corporate before becoming a full-time Strategy Ninja.

And while I couldn’t wait to be completely free to run my business and leave the whole “boss” thing behind, I’ll also admit that being my OWN boss is hard sometimes.

Like when I get stuck inside my own head and can’t see what my next steps should be.

Or when I get a little bit complacent and quit pushing myself to do the things I know I need to do to really grow.

Or when I just want someone to say, “here’s the path... your idea will work if you follow it!”

It’s those times I find myself thinking, “damn, I wish I had my OWN Ninja right now!”

What about you?

Have you ever been so stuck, overwhelmed, or tired of spinning your wheels that you’ve thought:

“Will someone PLEASE just tell me what to do to succeed at this thing so I can go do it already?”

If this sounds familiar, know that you’re not alone.

My clients ask me to “just tell them what to do” ALL. THE. TIME.

In fact, the inspiration for this post comes from the frequency with which I’ve actually heard:

“Amy, will you please just be my boss??”

This question actually also inspired the theme for a free webinar I’m hosting next Thursday the 30th at 10AM PST called:

Boss For a Day Q&A    

Since I know we all need a little perspective and strategic guidance in our businesses to keep us growing, I’m creating a monthly webinar series dedicated to helping you grow.

These calls will be the perfect place to get your questions answered about business strategy, marketing, and any other “how’s” that might be plaguing your business growth right now.

Are you ready for the best part?

On each call, I’ll feature one entrepreneur as a case study who will get free strategy coaching from me live!

There’s little else in life that I love more than learning about other people’s big ideas.  

And using my Human GPS skills to map out a quick success strategy to help them bring those big ideas to life?

Holy marzipan, Batman, that’s the icing on my Ninja cake.

And when one person’s journey can be shared to benefit the good of the group? Clouds part and angels sing.

So, now the question is…

What could YOU do with 30 minutes of FREE business coaching?


I would LOVE to be your boss next week.

I would LOVE to illuminate a fast path to success for that next big thing of yours.

And I would LOVE to do it for you for FREE.

So if you’d like to have your business featured in front of my audience, AND get some free, fast business coaching from me, click here to apply now.

While I can only choose one business to feature on next week’s call, I’ll keep pulling from the applications submitted for consideration for future calls, so please don’t hesitate to apply!

Webinar registration link and more details to come in a few days.

But in the meantime, Kevin Spacey asked me to tell you to…

Get back to work!




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What's the blow job in your marketing?

I recently shared a copywriting tip with one of my strategy client groups that I thought you might find useful.

The entire group was struggling with communicating to their ideal client the value of what they do.

Like most of our copy clients, these guys were saying things like:

“My copy just doesn’t convert”

“I explain the benefits of my offer and I hear crickets”

“I can’t seem to articulate what I do in a way that people understand”

Sound familiar at all? (Raises hand mid-typing this post…)

Not only do our copy and strategy clients run into this problem regularly, but as entrepreneurs in our own business, Tom (my husband and copy partner in crime) and I do as well.

As the guides for our clients, all of us entrepreneurs are naturally further along the learning curve of the service we provide than they are.

If we weren’t, they wouldn’t need us, right?

Well, when you’ve got a PHD in your particular area of expertise, it’s often tricky to talk about your subject of genius to someone who’s got a 3rd grade comprehension level of it.

And if you can’t (for lack of a better term) dumb your message down for them so they can see the value, they simply won’t.

So it goes right over their head, carrying with it any chances for a conversion.

But if you can effectively TRANSLATE that message into a language they’ll understand, then that’s where the magic happens.

Now, know that sometimes this translation is necessary because your languaging is too advanced.

But most often it’s because your ideal client simply isn’t READY for what you have to offer yet.

Oftentimes, the depth with which you can help transform their lives through your product, service, or offering hasn’t yet occurred to them.

You’ve got to meet them up closer to the surface where their consciousness actually hangs out right now.

When we can speak to what they're actually present to RIGHT NOW, they'll get where we're coming from, see what's in it for them, and want to learn more about us.

Translate YOUR speak into THEIR speak and you'll instantly connect on a deeper level.

Have you ever heard the term “Sell em’ what they want, give em’ what they need”?

That’s a drum we beat loudly and consistently with our strategy and copy clients because it’s CRITICAL to improving an entrepreneur’s ability to convert.

So since Tom and I keep running into this conundrum with both our strategy and copy clients, and since he’s a research junkie, he wanted to find an easy way to explain our position on this.

And lo and behold, he stumbled across this great Mindvalley video that shares a 45-second example that blew our doors off. (Forgive the pun that you’ll understand momentarily…)

In the video, Chris Haddad gives a full 15 minutes of tactics on how to tap into your market’s primal desire. Good stuff in there, for sure.

But it’s what he talks about at the 1:50 mark that had us both in stiches AND forever grateful to Chris for providing us with such a memorable example to share with our clients (and now YOU!) about why it’s so important to speak in a language that will really resonate with your people.


If you want to skip the video, here’s the long and short of what Chris had to say…

Chris wanted to teach men how to be a better boyfriend, how to have better relationships, really lovely touchy-feely stuff like that.

Now, how many dudes do you know that hop on Google looking for courses on how to connect more deeply with their spouse?

Uh, I could probably count on one hand how many I know, what about you?

OK, so if we know that most dudes are not actively in the market for coaching around how to be a better partner, AND if you know this is ultimately what they REALLY NEED deep down (even if they’re not conscious to it yet), how can you get their attention otherwise?

You sell them a course on how to get more blow jobs.

THAT is what these guys are present to right now.

They are all ears when you suggest that you can get them more BJ's because that's what their brains tell them they WANT.

The magic here is that Chris sells the BJ course (and teaches them real tactics to improve their BJ close ratio) but ALSO teaches the principles of how to have a happier relationship within that course.

Does that sound like a win/win to you too?

And here’s the bonus magic...

Because it's just an entry point into Chris’ community, and because the BJ course lays the groundwork for these dudes to see how much better their relationships can be (yes, with more BJ's and all), now they’re actually open and aware that they might need a little more help in the relationship arena.

So they’re primed for additional sales opportunities from Chris that are even more aligned with what he really wants to teach them. Good stuff, right?

So the moral of the story?

As you think about YOUR copy, really consider WHO you're speaking to and where they are RIGHT NOW.

Are they totally, 100% conscious to and thinking about what YOU know they need?

Or are they going to resonate more with a message about something THEY WANT that's still aligned with what you can offer?

(My guess is the latter…)

Yes, this might be a bit of an extreme example but Tom and I loved it because of the way it perfectly illustrated something we teach our copy and strategy clients all the time.

I mean, really... As you’re writing your next sales page, how easy is it going to be to remind yourself to “find the blow job in your marketing copy”?


Amy and Tom

PS… If the idea of finding the blow job in your copy sounds more overwhelming than fun, Tom is the absolute BEST translator there is to ensure you and your ideal client are speaking the same language. And his Copy Consult Call is the easiest place to start. Learn more about that right here...


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7-figure advice for beating resistance

You know that feeling you get when you've got shit to do that's gonna move you forward in a big, BIG way but you "just don't wanna"?


You know perfectly well that making that phone call, hitting the gym, writing that blog post, whatever the activity is that's going to maintain that momentum, is necessary to your success.

But you just don't wanna.

Ick, it's so annoying, isn't it?

Wouldn't it be great to leave that inconsistency behind once and for all?

Good news! This week I'm sharing a resource from one of my most influential mentors that will help you make lasting change in your business and life and beat resistance away with a big ol' stick.

Before we dive into his goods, let me start out by saying that Todd Herman is a F-ing genius. 

Seriously. (I tell him all the time so don't worry that he'll blush reading this, btw...)

As a 7-figure performance coach to Olympic and professional athletes, billionaire executives, and even the Spanish royal family, this guy knows his shit. He was mentored by the great Jim Rohn, has worked all over the world teaching international leaders and teams, and somehow still manages to find time to kick back and enjoy a root beer with his beautiful wife and two adorable little girls.

Most recently, he launched his enormously successful 90 Day Year program that took a group of about 350 entrepreneurs through his proven playbook to improve their business performance.  (BTW, I thank my lucky stars every day that I found that program and was smart enough to join at the end of last year.)

Todd's influence completely shifted the trajectory for my business. COMPLETELY.

In fact, much of what I've been inspired to share recently has been in some way related to Todd's wisdom, especially the content in my Get It Done! download

So since we've been talking a lot about "finishing" these last few weeks, I felt compelled to share some value directly from the Canadian's mouth. 

Check out Todd on Marie Forleo's MarieTV episode below and grab some of that genius for yourself. (See below the video for a quick recap if you prefer reading to watching...)

So let's recap...

Here's what Todd has to say about beating resistance, changing your life or business, and making it stick. 

1. Have a vision that's clear and specific

This one isn't new (especially if we've been hanging out together for a while) but Todd really drives the point home about how important it is to be specific about that vision. 

2. Set Trigger goals

These are micro-goals that help you achieve the bigger goal you're after. For example, at the end of each day make your plan for tomorrow's day. Trigger goals should be super easy to accomplish like this one is so you can accumulate lots of small wins and build the sense of accomplishment over time.

3. Set Improvement goals  

These are goals tied to specific metrics. For example, "I'll bring in five new private clients in the next 30 days." You've got a specific metric (five private clients) over a specific timeframe (30 days). It might also look like, "I'll go from attending one networking event each month to one each week by June 30th" to show the improvement from one per month to one per week. By tracking specific metrics you're EXPONENTIALLY more likely to achieve what you set out to do, so just go ahead and do it, K?

4. Gather a tribe

We all need support around us, but entrepreneurs especially need this. We get stuck in our own heads while we're off changing the world and need outside perspective to keep us on track. Todd's mentor, Jim Rohn, posited that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. So if your intention is to grow your business, succeed, and make a big impact, is your community aligned with those goals too? Are they helping you grow or keeping you stagnant? Take a look around and consider leveling up if the time's come for an upgrade...

5. Script your setbacks

Scripting your setbacks is all about having a plan for when resistance inevitably creeps in. What are you going to do when the activity you've committed to for driving things forward all of a sudden gets that icky feeling again? If you know in advance what your action plan will be when you catch yourself procrastinating, you'll know exactly what to do to beat that resistance before it takes hold. For me this looks like having a reminder of my BIG WHY, my larger purpose, posted where I can see it so when I get the "but I don't wanna" feeling, I'm instantly reminded why I actually DO wanna. And so I go do that thing that I might have otherwise resisted doing.

Good stuff right?

If you want some more good stuff to reinforce Todd's smarts from above, click below to grab my free PDF, Get It Done! 10 Secrets to Finish That Project.


If you like this, stay tuned for even more good stuff later this week when I pop back with an exciting announcement and some REALLY KILLER content.

(Hint: it may even feature a little more of that #HermanGenius...) 

Lots of love,


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Resource Roundup

It's been a while since I've shared some awesome resources, hasn't it?

My network is broad, and spans the globe (pretty cool, right?), so when I've got friends and colleagues doing kick-ass things, I love (LOVE) getting the opportunity to act as the connection point from them to you.

I'll admit, it's mostly selfish of me because there's little else I like more than getting credit for being the person who brings two amazing people together to do amazing things.

"Amy, that was the best experience ever! I'm forever in your debt for making that connection!", they usually gush.

Yeah, that feels nice...

Anyway, this week I'm sharing the work of some of my most favorite people. I receive no affiliate kickbacks for providing this info here (other than aforementioned gushing) so please know that I share this with you because I know firsthand just how valuable these resources are.

Let me know if you hook up with anyone or anything listed below. I'd love to know how (obviously awesome) your experience was! 

Free Webinar Recording From Yours Truly

Last week I kicked off my Year of Experiments (more on that in the recording and in an upcoming blog post) with a totally free webinar about dismantling overwhelm and actually getting shit done. It's less than an hour and takes you through a quick three-step process to eliminate overwhelm and get organized so you can actually take some action on your never-ending to-do list. 

Grab that recording here for free. (PS... did I mention that it's free?)

The Super Fly Collection - Free Biz Resource Bundle

Celia Ward-Wallace is the most soulful entrepreneur I know. She's a client of mine and a kick-ass life and business coach. I've had the honor of supporting her and her business over the last four months and am even more excited to be a featured "expert" on Team Super Fly in this collection of resources she's offering completely FREE. There are meditations, practical business tools, PDF downloads and more, all intended to help you move your business forward in a BIG way. This is (no joke) the best collection of small business resources I've ever seen bundled together, not to mention for FREE.

Grab your FREE Super Fly Collection here now. (Yes, do it NOW.)

Ready for Revolutionary Wealth?

Michelle Lowbridge is not only a brilliant, innovative kinesiologist, she also happens to be one of my very best friends. Her work helping people create Revolutionary Wealth by eliminating their upper limit problems permanently is nothing short of miraculous. It's truly magical and gets RESULTS. In my first few weeks in her program I manifested my first ever five-figure month. Other clients of hers have manifested 5-figure paydays, national awards, high-level speaking gigs, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. If you're feeling at all stuck in your life or business, or like you just wish bringing money in could be a *little bit* easier, check out Michelle's Prosperity Prescription group. I hope to see you in there!

Your Revolutionary Wealth awaits. (Go get yours...)

Ever Wish You Had a Muse in Your Pocket?

I do all the time. And thank goodness I've got Danielle Watson, the Pocket Muse, on speed-dial. If you need a name or tagline for your new program, or want a catchy moniker (ahem, like The Strategy Ninja) for yourself, or just need someone to be your idea girl for a few minutes, call Danielle STAT. I don't know about you, but when it comes to my own business, innovating is sometimes tricky. We're too close to it so it's hard to see what exciting, new things we could create. For Danielle, it's a piece of cake.

Check out the Pocket Muse here. (PS... she ROCKS.)

Need a Minute to Reconnect?

If you've ever felt a little disconnected (from the world, from your business, from yourself, etc.) you need Trish Kapinos. She's an expert at helping business owners (and others) reconnect through grounding and meditation. Her FREE Meditation Kit is a resource I lean on any time I need to get out of my head and focus on what really matters again. 

Grab it for FREE here. (Then get ready to bliss out!)

Is "Get a New Website" On Your Resolution List?

Talk to my girl Laura Husson. She and her team do A-MAZING things to help some of the best entrepreneurs in the biz get their online presence looking fab. She's got room for a handful of new clients before the end of the year (and I'm hoping those slots haven't booked by the time I share this with you!) so reach out to her ASAP to get that website of yours in order in time for champagne and your first round of Old Lang Syne. 

Find out more about Laura here. (Or email her NOW at Laura (at) LauraHusson (dot) com to grab one of those last few 2014 website slots.)

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It's the most wonderful time of the year...

I love December.

I'm not a fan for the usual reasons most people love December though.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I love it for those traditional, holiday excitement reasons too. But at my core, my love for December comes from one little thing.


December is my month to plan.

Well, technically I started in November... But that was just practice.

December is where the rubber meets the road for me when it comes to getting my plan on for the coming year. 

There's little I like better than sitting down, setting goals, and drawing my map to achieving them. 

Some people love cooking, or mountain climbing, or race-car driving. 

I love creating a project plan.

(I know, I know. You're probably falling all over yourself to invite me over to liven up your Christmas party, right?)

So what I've been working on behind the scenes here these last few weeks (remember, I said I had some planning practice back in November to work out the kinks in my 2015 strategy) has been LOTS of fun.

One of the best parts about what I do, besides helping other entrepreneurs plan and execute their own strategies for success, is learning by doing.

I love to experiment on myself and my business so I can learn some cool new shit, integrate it super-fast, and then use that newfound knowledge to help my clients and community make leaps in their businesses. 

2015 is going to feature a WHOLE lot of that over here. I can't wait. 

With "learning by doing" in mind, over the next few weeks I'm going to share the tactics I'm using over here to get 2015 set up for success so YOU can implement them into your business too. (See below for a quick hit I implemented just this week...)

And into 2015, my plan is to keep up that trend and share even more strategies, stories, and transparency around my business so we can all benefit from my Year of Experiments.

You'll find lotsa resources from me in lotsa places. Here on the blog, in your inbox (if you're subscribed to my newsletter), in some free webinars, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among other places. 

Plus, I'm committing to learning some cool and - full disclosure here - pretty uncomfortable stuff so I can share what's working in my biz (and what's not working) that would be worthwhile for you to try too. 

First up on the "sharing the learning by doing" track is a totally FREE webinar I'm hosting this Thursday at 5PM PST. 

Right after Thanksgiving I shared my new favorite trick for eliminating overwhelm FAST. I've gotten such great feedback about that tactic that I decided to host a webinar to take you through it in even more detail. 

If you're feeling at all stressed about your to-do list, or like 2015 is coming up on you way sooner than you're ready for it, I'd love for you to join me.

It's totally FREE and will be my first foray into my Year of Experimenting on myself for your benefit. :)

Click here to sign up now.

OK, on to my planning tactic for this week:

I'd been feeling lately like my schedule was getting away from me a little bit. 

I've got recurring client calls each week, and projects I want to implement in my business, but over the last couple of months I had been feeling pretty ineffective, like there just wasn't enough time in the day.

So, inspired by a friend and fellow entrepreneur, I decided to get my shit together and create a schedule that works!

Photo Dec 09, 5 30 35 PM.jpg

This was the result.

I know, it looks a little crazypants at first glance, but in reality, for this Ninja brain, this was exactly what I needed to feel like I could actually get things done each day.




Entrepreneurs have SO many competing priorities; sometimes we need to go back to basics in order to keep ourselves on track. 

So here's how I got back to basics.

1. First I jotted down all of the things I wanted to accomplish in a given day. I was sure to include all those lovely "shoulds", "woulds" and "if-onlys" AND the ever important self-care practices I'd been letting slip by too often lately.

2. Next I grabbed my hand dandy post-it notes (which every good Ninja has lying around the dojo) and started filling in slots of time in each day.

3. It's important to note that the first things I filled into my ideal calendar were non-negotiable items, like my self-care routines and previously committed recurring client calls.

4. Then I made sure to add in time for revenue-generating activities, because mama's gotta bring home the bacon!

5. I double checked to make sure all the stuff that keeps my business running from day to day (like checking email, reviewing expenses, creating blog posts like this) were all accounted for.

6. And finally I made room for content creation and time for learning. (You know, for all those course I've invested in but never had the time to finish!)

Even though visually it looks a bit crazy and chaotic, since I've implemented this system I actually feel way less stressed and so much more free.

I know things aren't slipping through the cracks anymore, and I'm loving that I can choose to end my workday before 10PM sometimes... (feel free to comment below with an "Amen!" if you know what it's like to burn that midnight oil on the regular...)

OK, it's your turn.

If you're feeling at all like you just can't get everything done, or you're worried you're missing important pieces in your workday, give this a try.

Then post a photo of your end result on my Facebook page so I can see what your beautiful brand of crazy... I mean "structure" looks like too. 

Don't forget to register for my FREE webinar on Thursday!

I'm aiming to start doing them once a week in the new year (part of my Year of Experiments), so if this week's tactic was helpful to you, let me know and I'll add it to the queue as something to teach more in depth in an upcoming free webinar.

With love and post-its,


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My new favorite trick for eliminating overwhelm - FAST

Have you ever felt overwhelmed before? 

You know, it's the kind usually accompanied by some lovely anxiety, procrastination, and that feeling like your brain just won't shut down... ever?

I was in the throws of a doozy of an overwhelm-fest last week that was keeping me up at night and at the same time making it impossible for me to focus on anything productive. 

It showed up because I started really examining my goals for next year, and man are they ever BIG. My trajectory for 2015 is powerful, lofty, fun, exhilarating, not unrealistic but still a stretch, and just so happens to scare the shit out of me a little bit all at the same time.

These are the best kind of goals to have! They're challenging enough to keep you excited and moving forward, but not so big that you find them to be unrealistic and not worth the effort. 

So where did the chronic overwhelm come from, you ask?

Well, like Veruca Salt, I want it all NOW.

So I couldn't stop thinking about how to bring all of it to life, right NOW.

A six-month program to help a small group of entrepreneurs build their killer platforms became something I could "throw out there for six weeks in beta in December".

A new weekend online productivity intensive turned into "this is SO simple, why CAN'T I just do it this month?"

An online course to build the foundational elements of your business strategically was suddenly "just a handful of videos I could pull together in one weekend!"

Can you see the problem here? 

I got so excited about all the possibilities for next year that I wanted to jump into the fray immediately. No patience for me, let's just GET IT ON became my new motto.

And so I started trying to build each of these programs (and more) with an (enthusiastically unrealistic) intention to launch all of them before the end of this year.

OK, ok... I can hear you laughing from here...

Anyway, as I set out to create these offerings in a six week or less timespan, I kept running into roadblocks along the way. (Go figure.)

Let me know if any of this sounds familiar...

  1. Amy dives in head first into the planning - "I LOVE these new offerings. Thank goodness I'm a project manager and strategist; this'll be super easy!"

  2. Amy picks a random place to begin the development process, we'll call it Step 1, thinking it's the easy and logical thing to do - "I'm SO smart! This is gonna be awesome!!"
  3. Amy realizes that in order to accomplish Step 1 she actually has to back up and do something else first, we'll call it Step 0 - "Humph. THAT'S annoying..."
  4. Amy shift gears to focus on Step 0 and realizes she'll have to back up further to complete Step 0 (which means she's getting farther away from Step 1 in the process) - "REALLY??? WTF? This was supposed to easy?!!?"
  5. Rinse and repeat - over and over and over and over and over again...

So as the excitement and upbeat energy waned, the anxiety and overwhelm started to soar. 

How was I supposed to build all these amazing things RIGHT NOW if I kept having to back up further and further and further away from the end result?

It was time for an intervention. 

I realized that I had all those ideas in my head. All that excitement around making them happen NOW. So many to-do's, and the list kept growing and growing and growing each time I'd back up another step further away from each project's end goal.

All that AND the normal day-to-day stuff swirling around, jockeying for attention in my limited headspace. 

It had to go live somewhere else. But where?

...Excel. (Naturally.)

Here's exactly how I eliminated that overwhelm in three simple steps. Try em' on for size yourself next time you're feeling a little "REALLY??? WTF!?" coming on.

3 Simple Steps to Eliminate Overwhelm FAST

1. Get Real

When we're excited about something, it's easy to throw on the rose-colored glasses and forget about what needs to come first in the project execution process. By Getting Real, we're not diminishing the dream or goal, we're just allowing in some effective logistical planning. Once I Got Real and saw that I was missing all the foundational stuff necessary to bring those offerings to life, I realized that waiting until next year was the ONLY way to put this stuff out there effectively. 

2. Brain Dump, Baby

This was THE BEST. I sat down and scribbled every thought, idea, to-do that had been plaguing me for the last few weeks. Everything that was occupying space in my head went down on that piece of paper. It took me about thirty minutes to do this exercise, but it was SO worth it when it was done. Evict that shit from your head and give it a new home on paper so you can come back to visit it when the timing is right. Speaking of timing...

3. Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

You can do this step any way you'd like, but here's where I geeked out on Excel, BIG TIME. I transferred my handwritten list to Excel and then categorized everything. I determined what was a "mission-critical" top priority to accomplish and what was stuff that was just taking up space and could be handled later. I color coded (<--Excel geek, yes, I know) so I could easily see in my list which things needed to happen right away. When your list is 120 items long and growing, this color coding is super helpful for the bonus step.

Bonus Step: Get Busy!

This one speaks for itself. Pick from those top priorities, give yourself some due dates, and take action, dammit!

If Excel is not your friend like it is mine, don't fret. You can mark priorities and color-code your handwritten list too.

Or if you want a little help making sense of that brain dump, check out my new To-Do Detox. It's 50% off through Monday...

Ninja Accountability time:

Drop a comment on my Facebook page and let me know how many items were on YOUR brain dump, and what your new mission critical top priority is going to be. You'll get some Ninja Accountability from me when you do!



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Why giving stuff away is your key to more sales

Have you ever wished you could take the ickiness out of selling your offerings?

If you're anything like me then you've likely, on more than one occasion, run into a not-so-fun sales conversation with a prospective client.

It probably went something like this:

You meet networking, or they find you online and reach out.

You hop on the phone and tell them all about the amazing benefits you can offer.

You throw in some really sweet bonuses.

You've gotten to know them on the call so you know down to your core you can help them.

But for some strange reason they just don't see it yet.

So they don't buy.

(insert collective crowd "boooooooooooo" here)

This used to happen for me. A lot.( Like A LOT a lot...)

But I knew there had to be a better way. An easier, more organic and fun way.

So I looked back on times when I HAD invested, both small and large amounts of money, to figure out what triggered ME to buy. 

And the common thread I noticed over and over again was that each of these people/companies I invested in gave me some sort of free value before ever asking me to invest anything in them.

They added REAL value that I could apply immediately and start seeing instant results in my business and/or life.

When you add value for your people they get to know, love, and trust you, and that all adds up a better experience for them, and more business for you.

Doing this exercise was really enlightening and helpful, not just because it helped me dig into some marketing tactics that worked to hook ME, but because it was a terrific reminder of what's most important in business.

Being of service and adding value brings us back to our "why". It keeps us connected to the people we're here to serve.


And here's the kicker... 

Serving our people authentically , adding real value for them that they can use to improve their lives and/or businesses, is the fastest way to generate more sales too.

Give your stuff away (within reason, of course) and you'll build instant trust and credibility with your audience. 

That's the secret. Just be of service and add value. And YES, do it for FREE.

So here's some value from me to you today.

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Spoiler alert:

In the webinar I share a specific step-by-step strategy I use with my clients to help them add REAL value for their audience, and consequently end up with more sales as a result.

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Here's that link to the free webinar. 

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In love and service,


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