If you're dying for support to implement that next big phase in your business, you're in the right place.

You can SO do this. And I can help.

I'm Amy Birks, The Strategy Ninja, and I'm the mission-driven entrepreneur's secret weapon. 

Like a true COO to you, the CEO, I help you get fast results in your business with custom-designed strategy and support.

After spending 10 years in corporate running projects and managing strategy for a Fortune 25 financial institution, I shifted gears from fast-paced Wall Street to fun-loving Main Street so I could focus on helping kick-ass solopreneurs just like you.

I was dubbed The Strategy Ninja when my super-fast skills helped a client go from inkling of an idea to $43,000 in revenue in just over two weeks. The title stuck after that.

I help you cut through overwhelm to reveal the exact levers to pull to get traction immediately. We work together one-on-one to design and implement customized strategy for the next BIG phase of your business.

My mission is to inspire you (and one million others, for that matter) to see what's possible and make it come to life NOW, not later. I see your vision clearly, and with ten times the enthusiasm and excitement to see it through than even you have. So if you've got a destination in mind, I'll draw the map and drive the train to get us there, full steam ahead.

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