Join the 90 Day Year by clicking below and you're invited to join me for a 3-month

hustle-free results mastermind




While Todd helps you move the needle with effective execution of your vision and goals, we'll work together to dial in your marketing so you actually GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT - without an ounce of HUSTLE required!



Here's what your private 3-month mastermind includes:

  • Ever wished generating revenue could be easier? With 8 group calls over our 90 days together, you'll get plenty of hot seat opportunities to use my GPS-Brain to tap into the most effective, Hustle-Free strategies to market yourself and find clients you love.


  • Since you'll get 90DY questions answered with Todd and in the implementation group, in this mastermind we'll focus on making your marketing efforts as lean, mean, and effective as possible. With full access to me through our Facebook group, I'll have your back, detecting all the blindspots and potholes that would normally get in the way of you generating the results you really want.


  • Need a second set of eyes on your copy? Trying to nail down your latest ideal client avatar? Got questions about how to price your new offering? The Strategy Ninja's got you covered.


  • Since our community will be small (likely 20 or fewer), there's no way to get lost in the shuffle. You'll be seen, loved on, and supported every step of the way down the field and across the goal line. 


  • And you'll be deeply connected to an amazing community of motivated, inspired entrepreneurs who are going where you're going. Accountability, individualized support, real opportunities to FOCUS, and exponential momentum are guaranteed for everyone who joins us.

I've been running a two-week Hustle-Free Results Challenge for the last ten days to lay the groundwork for what this Mastermind will become and here's what some of the participants are saying about it: