That was SO much fun!!!

Thanks so much for making time to hang out with me today. I LOVED hearing about what you each are most excited about. I am constantly awed by the energy and passion that my friends bring to the world, and today was like "awe" to the 16th power with each of you sharing your visions. SO COOL...

Here are some resources I thought might be helpful. And if you're game, I'd love to connect you all to one another more personally so you can go do great things in the world together. :)

Here's a link to the recording of our Zoom chat. 

If you weren't able to make it for the call live, know that the first half of the video is an introduction lovefest. I provide that disclaimer not to suggest you should skip it, but rather to encourage you to watch it and pay attention to all the great things these awesome people are bringing to the world, in case you need them in your corner or know someone else who does. 

And since some of you asked for it, here's a photo of my daily rituals (of course, in a pretty, colorful spreadsheet, cuz that's how I do...)

And here's a link to a worksheet I created a while back to help reverse engineer your goals. I thought it might be helpful for planning purposes. 

Here's a visual of those three circles I talked about when planning your year out.

Let's work together!!

I am not going to hide my enthusiasm about what you're all bringing to life in 2016. From long overdue momentum to inspired community programs, the stuff you guys are creating is AMAZING.

And I would LOVE to help you bring those visions to life. 

I'd had no intention of making any sort of offer here when pulling this together, but after hearing what you're all working on, I can't help but want to get my GPS Ninja brain all over everything you guys are developing. 

So if you want some support to kick off the year, I'd love to help. 

Since today we talked about how I like 90-day planning, I'd love to offer you a $500 discount on my super-fun Business Strategy Roadmap session, where together we build out your detailed 90-day plan.  (Normally $2,500 - for you guys it's $1,999.) 

If you know that's what you need, click below to buy and schedule your session now.

Otherwise, if you want to chat more about what working with me looks like, I'd love to catch up one-on-one. Click here to grab time on my calendar to do that too.

I ADORE each and every one of you and am so grateful to have spent such a fun afternoon with you! xoxo